PS3: More Moles Confirm Price Drop

Sony President Ryoji Chubachi may be denying any Playstation 3 price cut, but that's not stopping the retail moles from saying that they're true.

Today Kotaku received word from moles at both Best Buy and Target that they too have word of a price drop. The Target mole reports that the retail chain's inventory tracking program is listing retail for the 60GB PS3 at $499.99. And a mole at Best Buy tells Kotaku they just received their upcoming ads and that they all list the PS3 price at $499.99 as well.

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nice_cuppa4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

is there a price cut or not ?

what \/
now im more confused ! ; )

coolmatrix4304d ago

If you understand marketing and selling products you understand why Sony is doing what it is doing today with the PS3.

The PS3 has been a good loss-leader for Blu-Ray, Cell, HDTVs and a host of other products yet to be named at Sony. Every PS2 sale amounts to about 300 - 400 % profit at this point. Pecentages could be higher.


1. Continue support for PS2 until 2010. Max profits...Max sales of PS2 game software which Sony is still shocked by the sheer numbers of units sold momth to month. Cheap, relaible DVD player, etc, etc. Worldwide sales show no sign of slowing down.

2. Be the front-runner in HDTV and the high def space. Without relying on broadcast or other services the PS3 became the loss leader in HDTV sales. Move billions of HDTV Sony televisions for straight PROFIT...BILLIONS per month on Sony brands TVS.

3. Establish the next DVD standard with BluRay. Using BLuRay quality and storage medium Sony again used its ownership of Movie studios to showcase the next generation of HD products allowing consumers to see first hand what to expect. PS3 loss-leader and now BluRay is the standard. BluRay leads the HD era of movies and programs for Sony.

4. The PS3 high cost at the onset would provide Sony adequate time to build and test the power of Cell servers as well as set up their HOME online space. Knowing that development alone would take two years minimum that would allow Sony to use early adopters as beta as well as load-balance the backend of the server farms.

5. The next biggest challenge for Sony is to ramp up production of Bluray and Cell enabled household products. Industrial products are also in the beginning phases of testing and manufacturing.

6. Release updates to PS3 in small modules the way its supposed to be done rather than big chunks like MS does. This allows Sony to guarantee high quality releases while meeting the changing needs of its existing PS3 owners.

Sony PS3 is only about 20% done with its Executive Summary bullet points.

There is still about 80% more back-end development left for Sony to rollout for the PS3.

You cant rush development for Cell with 50GB storage and you definitely cant expect developers to fully grasp programming cell in less than 500 hours per developer to begin to tailor the power of the Cell.

Sit back and watch what happens in late 2007 and beyond.

MS is also running out of PS2 franchises to POACH.

If third-party fail to hit their sale numbers with 360 many will fail because they will be four years behind in learning to code for Cell.

Watch what happens. Sony knows, you do and only time will tell.

ASSASSYN 36o4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

I was watching CNN as they were talking about the 360 failures and they later stated sony has publicly denied any price drop of the ps3.

aiphanes4304d ago

So we just got to wait and see by the 11th...

pwnsause4304d ago

of course sony is denying it, they dont want people to know, imagine if you are going to drop the price on a curtain day, and people find out that your going to drop the price on that curtain day, its obvious people arent going to buy the product until it officially drops on that curtain day, all companies do it, so dont get confused by its a business stategy that basically got leaked all over the place

NewScratch4304d ago

if leaks are good or bad really. on one hand its nice to know so much so quickly but all the information seems to just spoil folks so that no matter the news the reaction turns negative with the buffer of time before it actually hits. sometimes this steady stream of info eats itself, rumors and speculation masked as fact don't help either.

nobizlikesnowbiz4304d ago

Yea theres no point in believing any of this speculation.

We will just see next week. We all know a lot of things are going to happen.

360 will still probably drop in price if PS3 does. Maybe not a $200 drop, but maybe pull a Sony $100 drop.

aiphanes4304d ago

But they will around christmas. Sony Will dropt the PS3 price by at least $100 maybe even more at E3...but right now it is generized at a $100 price drop.

Microsoft will not drop the price at E3 but will drop the price of the Xbox by $100 around christmas...If they drop during E3 then it will be $50.

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