7.0 Review: Yakuza 3 writes:-
The Yakuza series is big in Japan, seriously big – think GTA for the West and you have your scale comparison! In fact the only game to outsell Yakuza 3 last year in Japan was Final Fantasy XIII. So when a game so heavily influenced and enriched with a nations culture is transposed to another location – how much of an impact does that have?

Yakuza 3 is the fourth title in the series, there was a spin-off title called Yakuza Kensen that was published between Yakuza 2 and this edition but this is the true sequel to the second game and continues the story of the Tojo Clan's 4th chairman Kazuma Kiryu. If, like me, you are new to the series then do not fear as Sega have done a wonderful job of making sure you can catch up. There is the opportunity to watch a voiced movie showing a collection of key points from the first two main games that will more than adequately catch you up on the story. Just be prepared to set aside roughly fortyfive minutes to an hour to watch the two movies.

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RAM MAGNUMS3309d ago

you have to play them.

if you cant afford it then who give a f about your review?

new to the series? you are a virgin giving dating advice. STFU.

moosehound3309d ago

So by your standards no one should review a Final Fantasy title unless they have played everyone - cannon or not? Nor should they review a GTA game without going back to the original PC versions and things like GTA: London ? Right? Your ignorance amazes me tbh. I believe I stated that the game would appeal more to people who had played the game before and had a vested interest in the subject matter.

The story is good, I even say that, but this was NOT an amazing title. It was a good all round game that received the mark relevant to it. On our site a 5 is an average game - this scored well above average.

My opinion is there on the site and I am entitled to it. Where is your review published? I will read it and experience your opinion.
My advice - relax a little huh.

dkgshiz3309d ago

This game is at least an 8.5. It has a really good story and I love the combat.

moosehound3309d ago

I see your POV but I feel that there are too many contrivances and annoying throwbacks to the PS2 to take this about a 7 - 8. I understand that it will appeal to some more than other but for me it was just too pedestrian. Spread over the 20+ hours I played the faults just amplified.

Thanks for your feedback tho :D