GamingAngels: Dead or Alive Paradise Review

Yukino from GamingAngels heads back to New Zack Island for some much needed vacationing with the babes of DOA. Is it really as creepy as some people were saying? See for yourself.

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gamingangel3307d ago

Great review! Although the franchise seems less and less like an actual game and just fodder for fanboys.

Gun_Senshi3307d ago

w3tf is the aim for this game?

Reibooi3307d ago

The point behind the DOAX games are to be somewhat like a Mario Party type game but with a heavy emphasis on collecting things.

There are 1000's of things to collect between the suits, Volley Balls, accessory's and other random goofy things that serve no real purpose.

The games if you take them for what they are are actually quite fun. They are not for everyone obviously and this is why you see people calling the games out for being nothing but games for pervs and what not and it's unavoidable that people are gonna play that card. The majority of those people by the way have never even played them and judge the games on pictures alone.

Blaze9293307d ago

8/10? GTFO. I played it and its FAR from that.

Redempteur3307d ago

depending what you want from this kind of game ..
it's the 3rd game of the "paradises " series .. you might want to considers that there are people enjoy this kind of game

it's no "sexy beach" but hey's portable and some people wxant their fun ..
No i'm not intrested i have other games to play at least some people are satisfied ...

GamingAngels3307d ago

GamingAngels works on a Buy/Rent/Pass system, so converting our Buy score to an "out of 10" is kind of hard to do.

For what DOA Paradise is and as a fan, I think 8-ish is fair. It's not for everyone, certainly, and everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Obviously, if you didn't care for the previous two games, then irregardless of my 8 of 10 rating, you shouldn't buy the game.

jack_burt0n3307d ago

I know a few female gamers that love it, gotta collect all the bikini's as opposed to gotta collect the 1 unbikini :P

mirroredderorrim3307d ago

This game is awesome for passing time. :)