StarCraft 2 Open Beta In Korea Only

Blizzard has been pretty clear on the fact there will not be an open beta test period like it has done with World of WarCraft in the past. The only beta is the closed one where you can opt in to, or get a key from a fansite contest.

However, Koreans who have a completely different gaming culture (and are of course the world's biggest StarCraft fanatics) will be able to play the StarCraft II beta via their normal PC Baangs. A PC Baang literally means "PC room", and is a lot like an internet cafe.

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Medievaldragon3835d ago

technically an open beta, but only in this cybercafe-like place.

Would be nice if some local US/Europe places could have access too.

Leord3835d ago

It's very culture-specific. I doubt all 26.000 PC Baangs out there have access.

Cogo3835d ago

Blizzard has a special room in their hart for Korea.

Well, Koreans as a people have one for SC1 as well! :P

xXjxXdOggY3835d ago

for a sc2 beta key OR just to use someones login and my buddy been playin starcraft together for over 12 years...and needa get him a key/ a login.....ill throw few bux your way via paypal for it.....if we can use your login info....means u could still play it whenever you want just lookin to play some games together......he has the sc2 beta client just needs a login name and or key....get at me if you can help/ dont play it and have it etc...we can work out a deal

DJDarkstar3835d ago

Lucky sods, figures Koreans would be able to play at any Internet Cafe lol.

Dorjan3835d ago

Well I have my closed beta key and am happy with that :D

Leord3835d ago

Much better to have a key tbh.

c0de3835d ago

those koreans must be going crazy; now to wait for realm-crossing

Cogo3835d ago

Transatlantic realm crossing = Yes Please

TransAsian realm crossing = No thanks :P

I don't want to be permanently confined to Copper league :P

Leord3835d ago

I have SO many American friends I want to play with...

OTOH, there are millions of Koreans I don't want to play with :P

JsonHenry3835d ago

I refuse to play with any Korean. Not because I don't like them, it is just like a mortal trying to play catch the lightening bolt with the gods of Olympus. Not gonna happen.

theslim3835d ago

so how is this affecting me again? in no way!!!!

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