Critical Gamer: Blacklight: Tango Down Q&A

Critical Gamer writes: We love shooting people, here at Critical Gamer. Er, in games that is. So when the intriguing Blacklight: Tango Down appeared on our radar, we tracked down Zombie Studios' Lead Game Designer Jared Gerritzen so we could hit him with our question shotgun.

Unfortunately one shot missed, taking out the lights; it was so dark, Gerritzen dropped the orange fizzy drink he was holding.

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IDesertFoxI3129d ago

Good interview. I'm really keen to see how well this turns out and if it can offer a new take on online shooters which we are currently drowning in.

scruffy_bear3129d ago

Shock by how good Blacklight: Tango Down looks. I hope they can come up with something special

Jim Crikey3129d ago

After reading this, I'm actually looking forward to see how the end product turns out.