In-depth Review: Just Cause 2 - Electronic Theatre

Most of the objectives are fairly bland in their actually agenda, reaching a set destination or taking control of an area are the favourite set-ups, but it's the arrangement of locations and enemy units that make each new mission compulsive and thrilling. Each and every aspect of the core missions has been designed entirely around the toolset the player has at their disposal, and while it's no longer possible to walk in guns-blazing and expect to complete your mission unscathed, the player is still given the feeling that teammates would only slow them down (as is the case in some faction missions). While your acrobatic abilities in the original Just Cause helped to offer a sense of freedom, an entitlement to take on missions in a manner you chose, here in Just Cause 2 every single aspect of the game presents inspiring potential for your grappling hook and parachute combination. The gameplay possibilities with this combination are almost limitless, far too great for Electronic Theatre to detail every option the player has at their disposal in this review, but interested gamers should note that there are few greater thrills than jumping from the roof of a tall building, grappling on to a guard a few floors below and using his will to live as your safe passage to the ground.

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