New Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Screenshots has updated its Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom gallery with a batch of over 30 new screenshots from the game.

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DelbertGrady3124d ago

Looks like garbage. Like it was developed using PS2 dev tools then ported to next gen consoles.

Dipso3124d ago

Yeah Soda, the character design, glorious use of color and ICO inspired architecture are just plain've got no soul ;-)

Game Republic may not be at the forefront for pushing technology but their visual design team ooze style, Folklore is still one of the prettiest games on the PS3 from an art direction point of view and if this game can capture that magic again I'm on this game day one.

Forbidden_Darkness3124d ago


Game Republic is supporting Move, so i wonder if this will be one of the games that will support Move?