Battlefield: Bad Company 2: New stylish screenshots with tilt-shift-mode

Tilt-Shift is a mode that is avaiable with very expensive cameras. With tilt-shift-mode a city like New York looks like a litte toy-city. The source and one of their users created amazing "Battlefield: Bad Company 2"-screenshots with tilt-shift-mode-effect simulated with "Photoshop". Click onto the magnifier on the upper right to check out the fullsize. A few days ago published "Crysis"- and "Fallout 3"-shots with tilt-shift-mode-effect. The gallery now has nine new pictures in it.

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rawrockkillz3219d ago

Very cool! I love Tilt-Shift photography.

JohnnyMann4203219d ago

Now that's what tilt-shift really is, not like these BF BC2 shots.

Thanks for the cool link.

evrfighter3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

amazing bc2 tilt shift pics.

PC, it really does everything :)

El_Colombiano3219d ago

Everything non-PS3 at least.

jut4203218d ago

Awesome link Madden. Those vector images (not sure if that's exactly what they're called) are absolutely amazing if you scroll to the bottom of the tilt-shift page and click on the other link. Those tilt shift are pretty cool too, but the people in those vector images are unbelievable that someone actually drew them.

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DJFildez3219d ago

Thats some pretty good looking stuff, the pictures dont even look like the actual game!

JohnnyMann4203219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

If you look at the pics, they werent even done correctly. Probably the worst attempt at tilt-shift I've seen (I work in the field so I would know).

Only one of the photographs was even done correctly.

ASSASSYN 36o3219d ago

I know right... It looks like crap. They have no idea what tilt shift looks like.

bjornbear3219d ago

only one or two kind of make it, but over all its just a normal image with a blur effect on the upper and lower edges of the sceen =P

tilt-shift: making things look small due to shallow depth of field illusion...not just blurring images =/


iLemon3219d ago

Is this what they did in the new Allstate commercial? I paused the commercial with my DVR and couldn't figure out how the #%$#! they did it.

thedarkvault3219d ago

tilt shift isn't a "mode" you can switch a camera to. It can be achieved with many cameras, as long as you are using a tilt shift lens.