The Art Of Machinima - IncGamers Column

IncGamers' Bill Vaughan takes a look at the hobby of machinima, and asks what drives gamers to pour hours into the pass time when they could be playing.

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Maticus3127d ago

Some of those videos are just mind blowing. Wouldn't know where to start, personally.

Leord3127d ago

I think it's quite universal...

You see fans do films, mods and all sorts of stuff indirectly related to their favourite game. It's just combining hobbies, really, but in a way that COULD lead to job ops in the future!

Malfurion3127d ago

Yeah I know at least one top machinima maker who has ended up in that line of work as a result of what started out as a hobby.

In regards to mods etc, gamers do that to make the game better. Films don't improve anything about the game. It's weird, dunno why people do it but I'm glad they do.

Cogo3127d ago

I'm very glad people DO spend that time. I love machinima.

Fyzzu3127d ago

There's some good machinima out there, but I admit I tend to prefer the comedy ones. It's a fine line - serious ones and music videos tend to be far too po-faced for me, and they seem embarrassing, but on the other hand comedy is so easy to do badly.

That said, one in particular sticks in mind, though I'm damned if I can remember what it was called...

Dorjan3127d ago

Too much effort for me! Although a few turn out alright I wouldn't ever bother. :lol:

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