Dangerous Conflicts 3D Now Available on Xbox 360

Copasetic Games has announced that Dangerous Conflicts 3D is now available for purchase on Xbox Live Indie Games for 80 Microsoft Points. Dangerous Conflicts 3D is an independently developed title that focuses on the simplicity that used to be present in the earliest of first person shooters.

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ToothWhiteningFairy3123d ago

or is it simply the title like wolfenstaein 3D?

vgn243123d ago

Wolfenstein was 3D by the definition of the environments. Don't confuse texturing or mapping with 3D.

ToothWhiteningFairy3123d ago

is this game a wolfenstein 3D type game, or does it come with pretty 3D glasses and is actually 3D?

vgn243123d ago

Wow. Guess I didn't imagine anyone would think to ask if an independently developed game that cost 80msp is 3D like avatar. Difference in generations, lol.

CopaseticGames3123d ago

It is like Wolfenstein 3D :)