No more Penny Arcade games, says Krahulik

Penny Arcade co-founder Mike Krahulik has confirmed that there will be no more games in the Penny Arcade Adventures series.

People have been wondering where the third episode (out of four) of the series had gotten too, but now it seems that the whole thing has been canned. It is reported that episode 2 only made about a 1/3 of episode 1's sales.

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Gun_Senshi3222d ago

Because its a crap game?

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chewmandinga3222d ago're there for the humour.

And you have to be rather l33t to appreciate it. Which I am not.

Therefore, only half of the jokes were funny.

As a game, it is a bit sh!te though.

Gun_Senshi3222d ago

PA humor dried up years ago...

gaffyh3222d ago

Good, because it's such a crap game. Penny Arcade is just not funny, the only thing that's funny is the fact that they think they are funny.

BlackTar1873222d ago

why are you here if you hate the games? You come to tell people how bad they are?

Well me and my biddies found them fun old school like experience where the game doesn't take itself to serious.

But to each his own. I am really sad i have been waiting forever to play the rest of the series now unfortunately i never will.

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Corrwin3222d ago

Oh well, I'll wait for the inevitable, incomplete "Double Pack".

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Christopher3222d ago

PSN already has a sale on both episodes for $14.99.

Corrwin3222d ago

I'm not sure they're availiable as a double pack in the UK, but I'll keep my eyes open.

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Ninji3222d ago

It flops and you have to come crawling to the PS3 to recoup your loss. Of course, PS3 owners are smart so they won't buy the garbage that gets dumped on XBL on a weekly basis.

Figboy3222d ago

to take joy in other people's misfortunes, but i can't help but snicker at the Penny Arcade guys over the reception of their game.

considering how overly snide and dismissive they are of a lot of game developers and their hard work, i think it's kind of poetic justice.

making video games is HARD. making GOOD video games is even HARDER. making GREAT, GENRE DEFINING games is an undertaking that requires so much time, dedication, and sacrifices that you have to question if the reward is really worth the risk.

Penny Arcade have made it a mission to lambast even the BEST game developers out there. i hope this experience has been humbling and eye-opening for them the next time they want to gripe about a particular game that, in their opinion, is a blight on the gaming landscape.

i enjoy reading Penny Arcade for the most part, and i think Mike's artwork has grown and evolved significantly over the years (i'm an artist myself, and i really enjoy seeing a talented artist grow in his craft), but they need to be taken down a peg, in particular Jerry. he comes off as a pretentious, elitist, know it all most of the time. Mike seems a bit more down to earth, or at least, not perched atop his high horse.

i only played the demo of the first Penny Arcade Episode on the 360 many moons ago. i thought it was decent, but not worth ponying up the asking price at the time.

of course, now that, on the PSN, you can get Episodes 1 and 2 for $14.99, it's priced better, but unfortunately, since there will be no further episodes, despite it being a four part series, i'm not going to pick it up at this bargain price. lol. why would i pay for half of the story, knowing that i'm never going to get the rest?

maybe they'll get a chance to make another game, and apply what they've learned.

personally, i think a Penny Arcade game based off of some of their more throw away ideas that are actually intriguing and show promise(like Automata), would be more interested than a game that is, in truth, one big inside joke that it seems like only Jerry and Mike are privy to.

chewmandinga3222d ago

What next?

Zero Punctuation being knocked off his high horse?

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