Google Plans Next Steps for Its Experimental Fiber Optic Network

Google announced on their blog the plans for its fiber optic network on February 10 2010, and on the same day sent out a request for information (RFI). A few hours before their submission deadline they received 600 responses from communities to the RFI, and over 190,000 responses from individuals. According to the blog, the responses were very positive and are moving Google ahead in their network plans.

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mrv3213222d ago

This network is ridiculously quick... it's worrying the domination google is beginning to have, I wonder how long before they run cloud.

JRisburning3221d ago

I agree, I'm not sure that I am ready, for google's taking of the seems quite overpowering and invasive....I am sure a lot of people welcome it, but I don't know whether they will be come the scary corporate BIG BROTHER, or the corporate company trying to make life easier. Now, I am sure there are some aspects in their plan for the latter, however I get a feeling that some people will use the former to their advantage.

ElementX3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Quite frankly, I'm a little unsettled by Google. They're becoming massive and with all the technology they're experimenting with, I don't think one company should have that much power. They have satellite imagery, street views, mobile phones, software, internet applications, now a fiber network? I think they're getting too big.

mrv3213222d ago

Soon to be cloud, soon they'll have satellites and so on. It's like how people used to be worried about Microsoft's domination.

Google as a search engine is fantastic, but the sheer amount of things they are infesting in is fairly scary, Google OS and with all this technology cloud to. I don't know about you but I like a hard drive, I like the control... I don't think I could give that up.

Def Warrant3222d ago

True it's quite scary. Regarding the satellite subject. Last tuesday a guy who sets up tents came over to measure our backyard for my sisters engagement party this easter weekend (can't wait to get drunk thank you). Dude had a clear (zoomed in) satellite imagery (from google) of our backyard on an A4 size paper and claimed it was meant to give him and estimate guess on the size of our backyard. I was like "woe dude, that's gotta be illegal".

TotalPS3Fanboy3222d ago

Your competitiveness will finally force monopolies like Comcast and the likes to finally start providing Fiber Optic, and at a cheap price too.

If anything, I welcome Google's entrance into the f*ck up consumer scewing ISP market.

darkmurder3222d ago

"Do no evil" my ass, skynet right here.

LoVeRSaMa3222d ago

'They have satellite imagery, street views, mobile phones, software, internet applications, now a fiber network? I think they're getting too big.'

You're forgetting they have a power network for supplying power to their own facilities.

I like Google personally, they don't do anything Evil they make most there money of businesses and not average joes like ourselves so I am not too fussed, I hope they jump in and screw up the market.

anh_duong3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

to be fair, i use most of their products: youtube, google, gmail, android and google maps. so i can't complain.

what's more it is free so you can't argue with that.

i also respect their stand against china hacking activities.

elementx, aren't you a microsoft fanboy?? i think microsoft is as powerful as google in the world of technology. can we have a bit of consistency. whatever google has don't microsoft have exactly the same thing??

bing + alliance with yahoo = google
hotmail > gmail
msnbc < youtube
bing maps < google maps
live messenger > google chat
windows mobile = android
office > google office
explorer > chrome

and that doesn't include zune, xbox, windows

they are quite similar in term of size, reach and dominance. some people might argue that microsoft is even more dominant than google.

nothing wrong with being powerful so long as it doesn't restrict my freedom or choices.

ElementX3221d ago

No, I'm not a MS fanboy. I have a Google OS phone, I love it (the G1). I think Google is sticking their fingers into too many markets and eventually they'll crash and burn. Just like MS did with their monopoly years ago, the courts will rule something against Google as far as their business ethics. They will be the next Comcast, the next Time Warner, Microsoft, or any other big business. Greed is a terrible thing and no matter what good intentions you start out with, your stockholders and board of directors have their own priorities.

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voice_of_ reason3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Lol THIS scares you!? Man, I must be getting old or something.... What is "scary", relatively speaking, is in a world where sovereign nations and military power have dominated the last couple hundred years of the international political system, you now have IOs and MNCs--such as google--who can actually dictate the actions of a country. Case in point; Google threatening to pull out of China and the potential consequences it might have. That further strengthens the notion that the world is moving towards liberal internationalism, more globalization, and free market economies (favoring capitalism). One big business getting bigger is not scary--this is the goal of capitalism after all--but collectively, when these businesses begin dictating foreign and domestic policies and operate independently of sovereign nations, to me, that's "scary".

ElementX3222d ago

What is unsettling is that Google may never know when to quit. They've already had lawsuits about their Google Books, which basically lets you read 50-60% of a novel online, without paying for it. They are just another huge corporation that always wants more. Next they'll be making TVs and PCs and they'll be invading your home with god knows what else, all powered by their software, their internet connect, their RULES.

ForROME3222d ago

Come on Google, show your dominance, I cant wait for Google to take over, just waiting for them to get into the game market

JRisburning3221d ago

I see where you are getting....they're Julius.....

madara0sama3221d ago

If you think google is getting too powerful your just a sensitive little whore that needs to go outside more and stop masturbating to your iphone.

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