The Problem With DLC

Downloadable content has become a large part of gaming during this generation, allowing developers and publishers to add even more content onto their games long after release.

Sure, in the past we have had expansion packs, and some that was even available via download, but DLC has finally become commonplace in the market and has almost become an expected feature with every new title that releases.

Is DLC really working out so well? Let's look at some of the major problems that have arisen so far.

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Saryk3215d ago

The only download content that beat my expectations is for Borderlands. The rest is just fluff………………

Excalibur3215d ago

The Fallout 3 stuff was pretty good too.

Saryk3215d ago

The Fallout DLC was very good I will admit. But I had higher expectations for the Fallout 3 DLC. However the Borderlands DLC, I was expecting something smaller, than what was delivered. And the Borderlands content is for 4 man groups where the content for Fallout was for single player, which should have been more involved and/or cheaper.

But good call for Fallout 3 content, can’t wait for Vegas………….