David Jaffe: Episodic DLC the future

CVG: Twisted Metal and God Of War creator David Jaffe has hailed paid-for, short-form DLC game episodes as "the future of single player games".

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Def Warrant3127d ago

Isn't that just DLC? i mean yes they are full single player games with short playing times but the fact that they are only released over psn/xlive means it's still DLC. I wouldn't call them demos either.

Foxgod3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Someone shut him up =)
Paid demo's would be awful.

Imagine getting a free paid for toothpaste sample in your mail box.

xabmol3127d ago

I wouldn't mind some high caliber 4 hour SP games, if priced accordingly. Not so sure that they are "the future," but who knows?

unrealgamer583127d ago

I'd rather use the old fashioned way

DelbertGrady3127d ago

The Leprechaun has spoken.

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