Final Fantasy IX on PSN gains approval from Square Enix board members

According to producer Shinji Hashimoto, the idea of bringing Final Fantasy IX to the Playstation Network got plenty of approvals when the subject was brought up during a recent Square Enix board meeting.

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ClownBelt3128d ago

I already got FF 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, 12, 13 and tactics in discs, so this doesn't really make me excited at all.

If they can put FFX on the PSN then hell yeah.

Danteh3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

wow ys I'm really looking forward to it!
It's one of the few 3D final fantasy that I have never played and from what I heard it has old school combat and story, which I like :P

@crownbelt: OMG YEAH, a high definition remake of FFX like the GOW Collection!!! It's my favourite FF ever so I'd kill for that heheh

militant073128d ago

I want to see FFVII, VIII, IX HD port like Banjo kazooie on XBLA

that would be way better

Tapewurm3128d ago

he is saying he wants FF VII, VIII and IX done in HD for the PSN (disagrees on that make no sense??)...the same way that XBLA did it for the Banjo Kazooie game. I'm all for that.

gaffyh3128d ago

I wonder how that meeting went:

Wada: People want FFIX on PSN, but for some reason we can't be bothered giving it to them, what should we do?

Board Members: Does it cost anything?

Wada: No.

Board Members: Have FF7 and FF8 done well?

Wada: Yes, they've been at the top of the PSN charts most months since release.

Board Members: *c0ck their guns*

Wada: Yeah, sorry I'm stupid, I'll go tell them to release it now. *walks away with bullet up ass*

Carl14123128d ago

Seeing as VII sold something like 100,000 downloads just one month after release...This does not surprise me.

FragGen3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

OP: "I already got FF 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, 12, 13 and tactics in discs, so this doesn't really make me excited at all. "

It's pretty F'n sweet news for people Rocking Sony official Firmware on their PSPs, though! Most of the PS1 classics play and look good on a PSP, more so than the PS3 in a lot of cases (due to the smaller size and lower res on the PSP screen).

Those games are a great value for PSP owners since some of those games really are great designs. I think Sony's done a good job pricing the PS1 classics reasonably, too. This is a Win-Win, IMHO.

CimmerianDrake3127d ago

makes you wonder what the meeting for an FFVII remake would be like eh?

ThanatosDMC3127d ago

Awesome! I'll finally be able to finish this game. My second disk was scratched or something and i couldnt get past the desert dune area with some weird whirlpools... damn, that was years ago.

GrandDragon3127d ago

Who gives a $hit what you already have?

Stop being such a proud moron, and be HAPPY for once in your life

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Godmars2903128d ago

Pretty sure that this and many other fan requested titles - Vagrant Saga, Einhander - have long been out on the JP PSN, yet Square is literally dragging their feet releasing them in the West.

ClownBelt3128d ago

I've read somewhere that there's a lot of licensing agreement going on before they can release an old title on the PSN.

ThatCanadianGuy3128d ago

My favorite FF of them all.Really hope this happens A.S.A.P

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