Lost Planet 2 PC Delayed

Capcom has revealed that the PC version of Lost Planet 2 has suffered a delay.

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zme-ul3124d ago

this is actually old news
the fall release for PC version was known for a few weeks

dirthurts3124d ago

I'm used to waiting. At least they should have the bugs worked out by then. DX11 support maybe?

champ213124d ago

Yea but who really cares about capcom games. They are yet to put out a good game this gen.

Played Resident Evil 5 on PC, wasnt impressed at all. DMC 4 was just average as well dunno why i even touched it.

micro_invader3124d ago

I'm just glad to know that they're actually releasing this on pc. I played the ps3 demo about a while and it was a blast, played it over and over again.

jay23124d ago

OMG, what are you adding Capcom?
4D and Dx 12 support.

free2game3653124d ago

Probably some gimmick that will take a week's worth of work to add like all of their other console to PC ports. Capcom delay the PC versions of games right before release like this always because they think it curbs piracy.

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