Splinter Cell Conviction Demo on Realism writes: So Splinter Cell is almost here and I thought it would be interesting to see and hear how everyone played through the demo. After playing a bunch of times, I found that this way was my personal favorite and also pretty effective. So how did you do it?

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mau643177d ago

Way different than how I played it.

smashly3177d ago

Yeah me too, I'll try his way out though.

WhatARump3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

That's pretty cool. You can play it however you like =D

One of the best MGS features was that it was upto you, as to how you wanted to play it ^^

I've never really been into Splinter Cell but I hope we see a Ps3 port!

Bigpappy3177d ago

but I only play twice. The first time through I picked up that enemy's guns, when straight through the basement door and player it like a shooter. The mechanics worked well, but it didn't free like Sam Fisher. On the second play through, I decided to play more stealthy: I did not pick up any guns; I only used my silent pistol and my hands; I climbed through the back window as he did (only there was a guard at that window, who I grab and tossed out the window; then I took care of the rest with my pistol. I did not use the mark option as much, as I am use to doing SC games the hard way. If the game has a lot of enemies in some areas or if there are high achievement awarded, I might consider using it more. He did a great job though.

VenerableBmoney3177d ago

Few demos have ever made me WANT to play multiple times.

SKGamer3177d ago

I still haven't played this, but I'm really meaning to. As soon as I finish Perfect Dark so I can review it, I think I'll try this.

But yeah, its really cool that you can do different styles of play to beat the levels. A lot of games claim you can use different styles, but few actually deliver. Most games that claim that, each level is designed with a specific style in mind. Like Modern Warfare, kinda implies you can go stealth or guns blazing or whatever, but each level pretty much dictates what you'll do.

brandynevils3177d ago

I don't see why people complain about the writings on the wall, I like it.

ASSASSYN 36o3177d ago

It is obvious who doesn't like it. This is an exclusive 360 game.

BeaArthur3177d ago

brandynevils...I agree, it's an original idea and from what I have seen in the demo it is a cool way to give you updates without reading little script texts during the action. I hope more games employ this type of story telling.

Greywulf3177d ago

is it exclusive to the PC too?

Hellsvacancy3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

ASSASSYN 36o, mofo, let me just point summin out, id admit the game looks poohy, but i hav also said (in past comments) that i like the writin on the walls, its a cool touch, other then that it hasnt got anthinelse goin 4it (my opinion) looks a little meh

The Time Reaper3177d ago

Novel concept indeed, but it breaks the immersion for me. I'd rather see better integrated visual clues than "DO THIS HERE" messages. I guess I need to see how the full game plays out before anything though.

Parapraxis3177d ago

It reminds me of the use of typography in the TV show Fringe.

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VenerableBmoney3177d ago

I like the objective overlay on walls and stuff too. I think it's a cool way of integrating everything you need to move ahead in the game.

Is it terrrible that I had no idea that outside pipe was even on the warehouse? No wonder I always get caught.

BeaArthur3177d ago

Yeah, I found that randomly on my second play through. I also didn't realize that you could shoot that thing off the ceiling and kill those two guys. That is what I love about games like Splinter Cell, it can play out differently every time you play it.

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