3DS: A Bold Technological Leap

Kyle Wattenmaker from Kombo writes: Let me get this out of the way first: Wow. 3D gaming without glasses is (likely) first to market on a handheld? Don't forget about Nintendo's aversion to HD gaming, because it apparently doesn't affect gameplay. Since Nintendo is willing to found a new platform on 3D, the company must be confident it will significantly affect gameplay. So how will 3D change things? I have a few ideas. Remember the rumors that the next DS would have some sort of motion tracking? Good, remember the mini-game in Mario 64 that allowed you to manipulate Mario's facial features with the analog stick? On the 3DS this could be remade. A user would see a 3D representation of Mario's face, that user could be manipulated through gestures. Essentially, if the rumors are true, users could have "touch" control over 3D projections. Excited yet? I am.

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