Naughty Dog invents the missing Uncharted chapter at PAX East

Though the original Uncharted was a well paced and cleverly written experience, it wasn't without its share of largely inoffensive faults. For instance, the game's stealth aspects weren't well publicized to the player, leaving Nathan Drake's instant kill abilities unused for most playthroughs. The game's main antagonist, Navarro, wasn't really demonized in the first half of the game. There were also small plot omissions -- like, for instance, how did Elena and Drake get to their plane after the exciting conclusion of Chapter 3?

Naughty Dog recently rectified these three issues during a presentation at PAX East by creating a new, "third-and-a-half" chapter for Uncharted, in which Elena and Drake had to sneak onto an airstrip filled with Navarro's goons, and escape unharmed. With a little help from the audience, the Naughty Dog developers in attendance were able to create a framework for the new chapter, and even bestowed it with yet another clever moniker: "Strip Search."

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badz1493128d ago

it's just that there's just not more than 5 places you can use it effectively before the enemy spot you! unlike in U2, the enemy's awareness in DF is just high! but not so high like in Crysis where goons can spot you from a mile away while you're cloaked! but this is so cool of ND! walking the walk with fans! I would really love to be there!

Sharpshell3128d ago

I used stealth all the time in the first one, but your right the enemy awareness is the first was way higher, if there was anything I didn't like about Uncharted 2 was the fact that the enemies had the awareness of the so-called super soldiers in MGS1

bobcostus3128d ago

Naughty Dog is f#*%ing awesome. Seriously.

I can't wait to see what they do next.

swiftshot933128d ago

Making a level with the fans? Thats so cool.

Been playing some U2 multiplayer lately, and Im loving it.

himdeel3128d ago

...and I really appreciate their work.

condorstrike3128d ago

do u guys really care about this? who cares, who gives a f...

game is finished, stop trying to hype it ND people already praise your damn game, nerds.

Al Bundy3128d ago

I smell insecurity and jealousy.

himdeel3128d ago

...all I smell is an addition to my ingore list...ah well. Why come to a thread to complain and get your bubbles eaten.

N4BmpS3128d ago

I agree bot Al and himdeel but in addition I smell a pure hater

jerethdagryphon3128d ago

start pestering them to finish it and give it us a a uncharted dlc :)

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The story is too old to be commented.