Why Cave Story is the Greatest Videogame Ever

Ashley Davis of Destructoid writes:

Everyone has a game or series of games that they love above all others. A while back, a few of my fellow editors wrote articles proclaiming their favorites. I love talking about the games I love, so this was an idea I wanted to jump in on. But I couldn't decide what my absolute favorite game was.

It took almost a year, but now I've finally figured it out.

A little game called Cave Story was released for WiiWare this week. I first played the PC version years and years ago, but ever since this new version was announced, I haven't touched it because I wanted the experience to feel brand new all over again.

While I've always talked very highly of it (my first avatar as an editor was an image of the character Momorin), it wasn't until I sat down with it this week that I realized... this is it. My favorite game is Cave Story.

So: Jim. Chad. I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Cave Story is the greatest videogame ever*.

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HighDefinition3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

My mental image is "freakin" going down w/ some cave people.


If NOT someone needs to make that game, like HR and w/ the PS Move.


qface643127d ago

i swear both of you better be trollin....

Bonsai12143127d ago

arguably the most celebrated freeware ever.

deadreckoning6663127d ago

LOL, Destructoid is so good at getting hits from haters.

Timesplitter143127d ago

It's a free PC game made by one japanese guy in 2004, and it really is that great.

Be aware that this article is not from Jim Sterling. Jim Sterling called it the worst game ever, which further proves it's the greatest game ever.

Tony P3127d ago

"What is Cave Story?"

You guys miss out on too much good stuff entirely too often.

Stealth google and avoid embarrassment today.

Next you're gonna be asking me "What is La Mulana?"

fatstarr3127d ago

cave story is epic.

I just beat it this weekend Omg. wow

think Metroid + castlevania + Mario put together in 1 game.
There are puzzles good jokes good boss battles a nice story and dialogue. all wrapped together in a 2d environment.

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HighDefinition3127d ago

Gets handed out by people too often, there are some great games out there.

bRAAAaaains3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Is Destructoid blatantly just being retarded with these articles now? Whatever, I just want to watch them closely as their site spirals down to oblivion.

Sharpshell3127d ago

if you like this you should check out the response article by the fabulous Jim sterling called "why cave story is the worst video game ever" where he seriously fails at sarcasm all in a sad pretense to try and justify his chronic trolling by berating PS3 fans for the entire thing.

If you pretend its satire being a blatant fanboy is considered journalism, did you know that.

Jim reminds me a bit of those political pundits who you don't want to agree with you because they just make your argument worse. I'm not a big subscriber of the "360 made FF 13 worse theory" but harping on and on about it and associating all PS3 fans with that behavior just shows how much your real motivation is an equally pathetic hatred of the PS3.

NateNater3127d ago

It's funny to see one article that says "Why Cave Story is the worst video game ever" and one that says "Why Cave Story is the greatest video game ever" on the same website. That's Destructoid for ya! lol

P.S. Before someone says it... I know they're different authors :P

Sharpshell3127d ago

and if you read them they are both actually promoting the game, except the one written my Jim take some time off try and make fun of PS3 fans

Cajun Chicken3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

It's a great freeware game to get invested in. Can't wait to get the Wii version, going to be my first Wiiware game.

It's not the best ever. But it is one of the best ever PC freeware games, but now on a console for an acceptable price, so let that make your mind up.

Get the original!

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