Game Narratives: Losing the Plot?


"How interactivity can kill the narrative.

I like a good story. Something with characters I can relate to, genuine people with their own hopes, dreams and fear.

Something with a plot that twists and turns, surprising at every turn but always making sense. Something personal, as if it was constructed only for me and my unique journey through the game.

Something I will never see.
It's a simple fact: the perfect narrative does not exist.

I can't be anymore blunt than that. Try as I might, I have yet to find a game that can connect with me on all the levels."

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BadCircuit3128d ago

I like some direction in my games or I get a bit bored, but I also like to do a bit of my own thing sometimes too which is why I like RPGs so much.

Tony P3128d ago

BioWare imo defines the near exact amount of control I want over my character and narrative.

I don't need to change the world with every selection (although that would be cool), but I need some kind of interactivity in my RPGs beyond managing stat tables.

Oblivion is the extreme. And a very well done extreme. But I usually prefer a stricter framework.

Jamie Foxx3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I like your site,Yet to write an article how narratives are losing 'the plot' your picture to promote your article is of an exclusive not on a console your site promotes,in fact its an exclusive doing something very different on a RIVAL console,therfore nomatter how good your article is written youve turned it into flamebait just because of what your site is to certain gamers.

You mention ME2 therefore that would have been a better picture to promote your article as its an xbox exclusive the console your site promotes,u may get less hits but you want hits for the right reason. anyway hope to see your modnation racers review :)

Darkstorn3128d ago

True, but great games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Bioshock, and Uncharted 2 gave you zero wiggle room in terms of changing the story, and ended up being fantastic.

gaminoz3128d ago

It's a fair point that interactivity limits the storyline, but I guess it depends on how much 'play' you want and how much 'experience' you want.

Lately I'm finding most big games a bit samey and dull due to samey gameplay style, while I'm doing more short casual games without any story at all. Yet I still love my books.

This is opposite of what I was like a few years ago with games, so maybe some of us go through stages in our gaming?

Belgavion3128d ago

Excellent piece Alex.

I've just learned to not get too excited about games that are hyped as having engrossing storylines. They can never live up to expectations. They usually start on the right foot but it isn't long before something happens to disconnect and I once again remember I'm playing a game.

XboxOZ3603128d ago

Perhaps we do, I like a story that engages me, but allows me to be part of it in some way, so that my actions have 'some' affect on the outcome or in how it plays out.

Giving me different experiences over the same sections etc.

Making me want to dig deeper, play the sections through again to try and get a different end result, or obtain the same end result, using different methods or choices.

REALgamer3128d ago

I like having choice like in ME2, but really it doesn't make any real difference to how you actually play or what you do - just slightly different cutscenes and dialogue.

Oh, and Sheppard's glowy scars stay too which is pretty cool.

The Witcher had some awesome decisions in the storyline that had major effects, and they weren't 'good vs evil' ones either. Almost all decisions in the game were just different shades of grey which made them interesting as they could all be seen as good or bad depending on your interpretation.

I remember one that made me reload my save game 4 times over because I kept changing my mind after I did it.

Gradient3128d ago

That's strange, I could have sworn Heavy Rain was only on Ps3.

gaminoz3128d ago

yeah so what?

The article is about game narrative isn't it? Heavy Rain tries to really focus on that.

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