OXCGN's Mass Effect 2 Second Look Review


Like its predecessor, Mass Effect 2 is a game that is so good the only real fault to find in it are squandered opportunities to make it even better.

Technically, it is superior to its predecessor on nearly every level. However, in streamlining the game to enhance the role of combat, BioWare missed out on some of the majesty of aimlessly roaming the galaxy looking for adventure.

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BadCircuit3179d ago

This is by far my favourite 360 game.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3178d ago

Yup, it's in my top 5 games of all time.

Actually, top 3, now that I think about it.

BigPappaPump3178d ago

I had a blast and I'm looking foward for 3. I hope there's a cat fight between ashley and miranda.

GiantEnemyCrab3179d ago

Game is simply amazing.. My GOTY for 2010 so far..

cornfedgamer3177d ago

It certainly is a great game, but the year is but a child. There's plenty of good stuff coming out of the chute.

gaminoz3179d ago

Looks like most people were very impressed with ME2!

XboxOZ3603178d ago

Has to be right up there this year for GOTY, unless something else comes out that really stretches this to its limits.

I think Red Dead Redemption will have many surprised though, it just doesn't have the marketing budget that this has, sadly.

BadCircuit3178d ago

Mass Effect 2 had the hype of Mass Effect 1 so more people had heard of it but Red Dead Redemption is a new game so that's why it probably won't beat Mass Effect 2.

Akagi3178d ago

It doesn't need to. Rockstars fanbase is huge and all the marketing department has to do is: "From the makers of GTA, Bully, Manhunt," etc.

QuantumWake3178d ago

Mass Effect 2 is a very strong contender for GOTY 2010. Everything from, story, character development, gameplay, and even visuals make ME2 one of the best games I have ever played. Well done BioWare! Happy Gaming! Cheers!! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.