Pachter; "Sony is running into a brick wall"

The Lost Gamer writes "Everyone's favourite industry analyst Michael Pachter has appeared in a further Pach-Attack episode, over on Gametrailers.com, in which he responds to a question as to whether Sony should pull the plug on their PSP handheld device, considering the PSP Go failed, and with both Apple and Nintendo retaining the largest portion of market share."

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mrv3215191d ago

'Everyone's favourite industry analyst'

Just because he shouts the loudest doesn't make him favorite.

Shamuz5191d ago

Couldn't of said it better myself.

Commander TK5191d ago

I do not c how Apple has a market share in the hanheld war...

captain-obvious5191d ago

says patcher

if i can chose 3 guys to take out the industry they'll be
1- patcher
2- HHG
3- bobby kotick

HighDefinition5191d ago (Edited 5191d ago )

Sony`s running into walls of money. The PS3 is on a rampage. The PS2 is STILL on a rampage. The PSPgo isn`t doing well. Am I missing something here. In biz 2/3 is a huge win.

deadreckoning6665191d ago (Edited 5191d ago )

"I am getting sick and tired of this guy. He need to keep his mouth shut."

Better Solution: Why don't u just ignore articles that have the word "Pachter" in em? No ones gunna shut up just because u tell em too.

Btw the full quote was, “Sony is running into a brick wall to compete in that sector.” By sector, there talking about the handheld sector..NOT Sony in general. Read articles...THEN comment.

The article is PRIMARLY regarding the PSP Go, not your precious PS3 that most of u treat as if it were ur first born child.

@PS3 fanboys- This is why everyone says that u guys are the worst. Its like arguing with a brick wall. Its like u guys don't abide by any logic. The PSP Go is in fact a FAILURE. And yes, I own a PS3 myself and its my favorite console. Someone call the police on me. God forbid a person who loves his PS3 also has a brain.

@emk- Idk why the mods give these fanboys so much power. Stupidity gets rewarded and logic gets shunned.

Lionhead5191d ago

Pachter; "I am running into a brick wall"

Seems more appropriate =\

crck5191d ago


That kind of makes you an idiot. He's talking in regards to the PSP. His comments have nothing to do with the PS3.

5191d ago
Anon19745191d ago (Edited 5191d ago )

As much as I think the guy needs to focus more on industry talk and less about wacky predictions, he's got a point. Sales for the PSP have dropped since the iPhone was introduced.

The iphone is cutting into the PSP's market. Why have a gaming platform with web and video with a descent size screen when you can have all that, and a phone, and thousands of apps, and GPS, etc...etc.

Now, as a gaming platform the PSP runs circles around the iphone, but there's no doubt that the iphone has partially cut into the PSP's market.

So, what's Sony's game? Are they happy with the market they have right now, or do we think they'll challenge the iphone? Perhaps a PSP phone with app store, video, music, on the fly movies, etc? But what could they do to differentiate themselves from the iPhone?

Edit @ deadreckoning666 above
"The PSP Go is in fact a FAILURE."
Oh, that's a fact now, is it? Generally, when people present something as a fact, they can back up their claims. Care to present a source, some statistic, some form of data to back up your statement?
Otherwise, I must insist you rephrase you comment to read something a bit more accurate and representative of your sentiments like "It is my opinion that the PSP Go was a failure, although I acknowledge fully a total and complete ignorance of the costs versus revenue associated with the PSP GO and really can't back up this opinion with anything" rather then try to pass this off as fact.

Running quite contrary to your assertion that the PSP go is somehow a failure, Sony has commented the the PSP Go has so far surpassed their expectations.

emk20045191d ago

@ all the people who are yelling at patcher and dindt read the article hes only talking about the psp and hes right.

Government Cheese5191d ago

Quick, everybody flame the heck outta pachter! he said something bad about Sony!
The dissent must be crushed!

specialguest5191d ago

Patcher is right-on in regards to the PSP and where it stands today.

HolyOrangeCows5191d ago

Sony made some bad mistakes with things like piracy with the PSP. The games don't sell ANYWHERE near where a system with a 60 million person install base should. And it was foolish for them not to include a second stick. And they should have supported it more. And they could have been a bit more price conscious.

I just hope that the PSP was just an awkward transition into the handheld gaming world and that they have learned and apply that knowledge to releasing the 'PSP2'

Eddie201015191d ago (Edited 5191d ago )

PSP is heading toward sixty million sold world wide, sells very well in japan, sells an average of 10 million a year world wide. No other hand held has sold that well except for Nintendo's hand helds. Not many electronic devices sell 10 million a year, yet it's talked about like its a failure.

On another note the Ipod touch and Iphone should not be put in the same catagory as the DS and PSP. Games aren't making huge amounts of money on the Ipod when they average 1 dollar to 5 dollars and don't sell high volume for most games.

VINNIEPAZ5191d ago

"1.4 - Pachter`s a idiot.................
Sony`s running into walls of money. The PS3 is on a rampage. The PS2 is STILL on a rampage. The PSPgo isn`t doing well. Am I missing something here. In biz 2/3 is a huge win"

Your typical fanboy idiot only seeing what he wants to see. The title said Sony so it must be about PS3/PS2! He was stickily talking about the GO you moron.

"Am I missing something" No quite the opposite, you have on ya fanboy glasses and need to keep those missing.

*Takes off his fanboy glasses* Hey wait! This article was not about attacking Sony. AND LOOK! They didnt even mention PS3 or PS2! WOW I can actually UNDERSTAND how to read an article and not twist what is being said when I get all defensive about my love for all that is Sony.

Looks like this guy might just learn after all

rambi805191d ago (Edited 5191d ago )

The guy has to say something every week so that he can keep his job i guess.

The psp sells well - not nintendo DS levels - but acceptable
Sony just really needs to re-examine their pricing strategy for Digital distribution.

Like it or Not the PC and Apple platforms are leading the way

XxZxX5191d ago

exactly, idiots compare a $.99 cent games with PSP $29.99 games.

siliticx5191d ago

Lets compare real quick. 30% off a 3$ game (Plants versus Zombies) that soild 1 million copies in its first week VS under 5% of a 30% game that hardly sell.

No market share huh.

Sharpshell5191d ago

I love my phatty PSP, but I think Sony should think about a new iteration and pull the standard trick where they keep PSP going for like 2 years into the next PSPs life cycle

E3 perhaps, we can dream

mrv3215191d ago

I just dislike it when people predict the future and either get it wrong and forget about it, or predict the obvious and pretend to be god

Your not an excellent analyst just by saying 'I predict Uncharted 2 will get good scores' That's something we all knew.

If you predict some more left field, like Uncharted 3 location then that's more impressive but not impossiple for ANY of us to do it.

HighDefinition5191d ago

I admit it, I didn`t read the artical. 99% his quotes/headlines are enough.


Kazu0 Hirai5191d ago

Sony fanboys make me wanna bash my head against a brick wall.

rambi805191d ago

Can we have a demo of that?

DaTruth5191d ago

Only sold 50,000,000 million. Lets just leave 50 million customers without support!

That crap might blow over with XBOX fanboys(blow over and then ready to suck the big one and take up the @--), but I don't think that would go over well with their customers.

Why would anyone give up the chance to sell games to 50 million possible customers? Pachter doesn't only suck at videogame analyzing, he also has no business sense whatsoever!