Wii Dead Space coming to Natal and PS Move?

On-rails shooter Dead Space: Extraction could one day be making its way to Xbox's Natal and PlayStation Move.

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Wolfie3127d ago

I hope it's true. This and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories ^.w.^

qface643127d ago

silent hill i really doubt it since you actually really don't use motion in the game

this game though probably but probably not i say not because it really wasn't a good game

DrRobotnik3127d ago

SHOVEL WARE! START YOUR ENGINES!!!!.....Look, I'm not saying this is a bad thing. But I hope they put the effort into rebuilding these games for HD consoles, instead of porting 480p crap. And if I see carnival games on NATAL/PS god heads WILL roll that night.

unrealgamer583127d ago

As long as it's not a sloppy port I guess, But It has to be a downloadable game for about 25 bucks or have it bundled with the ps move.

cayal3127d ago are Natal users going to hold their "gun" (pew pew) for long periods of time?

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