Rumor: $99 Xbox 360 Arcade Bundle with Banjo/Viva Pinata

GND writes: Leave it to GameStop to release something far to early and ruin a good surprise.

GameStop has a mysterious new listing for an Arcade bundle, one with a copy of Banjo and Viva Pinata - truly making it a family bundle if I've ever seen one. But the real revelation is the price point, $99 bucks!

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GiantEnemyCrab3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

$99 with 2 games? That is a heck of a deal. This bundle is aimed straight at the casuals.

3125d ago
GiantEnemyCrab3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I'm sorry, you think the 360 console is worth $44? Less than a single game?

I know you are just trying to bait me with your trolling but really that has got to the the stupidest thing I've read on N4G.

dtalon33125d ago

wow at least i know the world did not end last night, idiots like you are still posting.

back on topic, if this is true there will be a lot of 360's sold. America already proved they like cheap rather than expensive packed with features. If you think I am wrong look at how many things were taken out of the ps3 to make it cheaper (sd card slots, 2 usb ports, backwards compatibility)

cry from the sky3125d ago

yep i have a hdtv, im leaning toward the ps2 until i get my ps3 most likley. concidering most 360 games are on pc.

3XP3125d ago

With that being said, it would still be $43.98 more worthy than your DUMBASS opinion. We need to find a giant ORC to fight some of these

rambi803125d ago

This is a good deal - i may be able to replace my old one now

Godmars2903125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Casual who wont mind spending $120 more for a HDD.

If this happens a HDD will actually cost more than a console.

Depends on what happens to the other 360 SKUs. What if the Arcade is the only one seeing a price drop.

Nevermind that 16GB will hardly meet evolving needs. That at some point an online Arcade owner will need a HDD. Or that this whole thing could just be something Gamestop is doing in-house with MS approval to clear out refurbished stock.

Its just hard not accept as a desperate move given that MS would have taking a $100 hit on something they cut to the profit bone already. How are they in a solid much less growing position with an example like this if it isn't rumor?

Immortal Kaim3125d ago

Or they could spend $5-$10 on a 16gb flashdrive and achieve the same result as a 20gb HDD for 1/10 of the price...

Again, how can a drop in price be seen as a bad thing, you guys are unbelievable.

p.s It's still only a rumour mind you :)

beans3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

So now you have a PC as well? You PS3 fanboys don't know the first thing about logic or reasoning. Crab gave you perfect reasons to pick 360 over PS2. Other than a few games on PS3 the rest are all on 360 and normally perform better. You've got some powerful 360 exclusives you will obviously never enjoy on the way this year. Even if PS3 doesn't have as many games that go to PC the 360 also has games that don't. The real difference here is 360 has exclusives, multi plats (with PS3 or Wii) and exclusives for 360/PC only. PS3 only has exclusives and multiplats only. When you throw all this in with indie games and XBLA you can easily see who's got the games.

edit lionhead: Maybe because lately I have yet to see any rabid 360 fanboys. You go to one thread were a 360 fanboy is talking crap and see me backing the belief. At least I've given Sony props many times in the past over MS. Glad I caught you attention.;) Typical Sony fanboys always trying to play the victims lol.

Edit: It's not one sided if you actually read my posts. It's about standing up and voicing my opinion (only fact to me)rather than sitting here letting fud overtake the net that's only half true. Ever since 2001 Xbox has been under fire by Sony and it's community. I'm a big Playstation fan(believe it or not) but will never sit there do nothing when the people attacking are blind and full of jealous vindictive hate.Attacking and disagreeing with me does nothing but show denial amongst you and the rest alike.

PS..I will sleep fine tonight no worries.

Lionhead3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Beans always seems to be an incredibly aggressive poster around here when I see him.

Never see him call out Xbox 360 fanboys though, wonder why? Hmmmm

Edit: Sorry I don't remember playing the "victim" role, whatever helps you sleep at night though. I see you like being one-sided. Go talk to Halo3 MLG Pro while you are at it though.

Spread the <3

Lionhead3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Yay double post fail

I fail, I are is leaving now

HolyOrangeCows3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I'm guessing it's a bundle of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, Viva Pinata, Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise, Viva Pinata: Party Animals, and a voucher to download the originals from XBLA.

This Gamestop post - "Category: Puzzle & Cards, Puzzle"
Actual 360 console posting on Gamestop (Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite Splinter Cell Conviction) - "Category: Systems"

Redrum0593125d ago

almost the same price of a ps2, that alone should let the world how low tech the 360 is, an arcade system. pew pew pew

Lionhead3125d ago

Gotta love how posing a simple question is considered attacking you.

Sorry I'm not that much of a loser to go through your post history, all I said was the posts that I have seen of you don't call out 360 fanboys. There are plenty running around in the articles I have seen you in.

So yes, that is considered one-sided since you weren't sure. Don't see you talking down to Foxgod or Halo3 MLG Pro though.

Sleep well though, you seem desperate enough to have to defend yourself.

AAACE53125d ago

This bundle would be aimed at clearing out stock! If this rumor is true... it would prove that there is a 360 slim coming shortly!

First the deal of getting a 360 with a couple of games and a $50 giftcard. Now a rumored $99 bundle.

Updated console imminent!

We should see "LEAKED" pics of the console itself within a few weeks I bet.

soxfan20053125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

This is obviously a tactic to clear stock of current 360's to make room for a redesigned console later this year.

My opinion is that $99 won't be an ongoing price point - when they're gone, they're gone.

"Same price as a PS2". LOL - just goes to show that the PS2 is incredibly overpriced after 10 years.

beans3125d ago

"Don't see you talking down to Foxgod or Halo3 MLG Pro though."

Never even read there comments good try though.

"you seem desperate enough to have to defend yourself."

No actually you seem desperate for trying to prove a point. I don't see you posting any of this dribble to the 50 or so Sony fanboys in this thread either. I'm limited on bubbles and as far as I know fox and the rest are giving you guys a dose of your own medicine. How are you going to call somebody out while doing the same thing? lol....good try

Lionhead3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

"Never even read there comments good try though."

Really shows your one-sided nature.

Tbh if this is true I'll buy a second Xbox 360 since mine has been overheating as of late and the other I use for spare parts since it RROD'd. I actually do hope it's true or even an Xbox Slim for later in the year. Reach, Breach, Hydrophobia, Brink, and Call of Duty I would like to be playing, I won't even be able to play Splinter Cell because my Xbox is being retarded though :)

Darkstorn3125d ago

I might actually think about getting a 360 if this deal is genuine, but the PS3 is still my go-to system.

insomnium3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

A dose of our own medicine you say?

This is typical. When you are proven wrong and backed up to a corner you try to attack the foundation. Our own what? You x360 fans have been attacking the PS3 since before day one. This is something you cannot change no matter how much it would help you cause. YOU x360 fans started it. This is YOUR OWN medicine coming back at you.

Additionally I too can say that you are a one sided x360 fan. Nothing but s*it comes from you mouth. If you try to tell me with a straight face (as it seems) that you've never read foxgod's or Halo mlg pro's comments it only proves your one sidedness. Oh look they are both there below. Now go and prove you are not a x360 fanbrat.

Who me? Yes I am a PS3 fan and I've read all the s*it you people said back 2-3 years ago. You were so mighty and powerfull back then. Nonetheless we were right. I told you people the PS3 will get it's games didn't I? I told you the price wasn't going to stay at $600 forever didn't I.
You laughed and laughed all the time when it was for "slow BD-drive" or blah blah. It's gotten so old I can't even write it anymore.

MS is able only to postpone the inevitable by resorting to these kinds of things. No way to beat the PS3. NO.WAY. Only postpone.

And then when the day finally comes when the PS3 is JUST about to surpass x360 in sales MS declares the console gen over and themselves the winner over the mighty Playstation. I can see that fatface doing it already just watch. Won't be long now till it happens.

This quote from you "Other than a few games on PS3 the rest are all on 360 and normally perform better." is something else. Do you think you can alter the reality buy just saying stupid things? FFS GET REAL! Just look at you formerly beloved Metacritic. There has to be atleast 10 games in the top 30 that are both genre defining and exclusive to the PS3 platform. You are fighting the windmills my stupid friend.

Kurt Russell3124d ago

I don't mind the odd wall of text now and then - But my god, you are such an angry nerd you can't even type coherent sentences.

This site is becoming a bore - I feel like a twat just reading this.

Lifendz3124d ago

but I'd sell those two games in a NY minute and pick up Fable II and something else....probably Mass Effect 2.

insomnium3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

Nerd? Where did you get that from? People in general recognize nerd as a skinny, pale brainiac with glasses and a high pitched voice and pimples. Granted I do have glasses and I do like to feed my brain with information (just about to graduate from a University of applied sciences) but the rest doesn't fit.

I excersize (both running and weight lifting) and I as sure as hell aint skinny (277 pounds) or pale (even though the winters up here in Finland are long and dark).

I love gaming as I've done all my life. Gaming isn't everything to me since I do have a wife and 2 children but I really like to play some videogames after the kids have gone to bed.

Now when that's out of the way why did you reply to me? You bring absolutely nothing to the table. Why did you feel the need to reply. I answered to that beans cause he said something moronic. Is that you beans on a different account?

Persistantthug3124d ago

As a PS3 fan, I would definitely consider picking one up for $100.

N4g_null3124d ago

WOW im not an xbox 360 fan but if they can get the system down to that price and add natal back in we my have a console war again, that is until the xbox breaks and all those adults release that blue screen of death rage on the world. I hope MS know better than to mess with adults they will get eaten alive if this catches on and RROD is still there.

What is also funny is who thinks MS will not come out with their own Wii mote? If they truely need it they will do it. If sony can copy nintendo then why can't MS do it?

Another thing is if some how they made some games that every one though was fun then they could have a chance, isn't johonny lee still working for them, Some one get him a game design hat and let him loose! He is the closet thing to the MArio king!

Any ways lower prices is always better for software sales I'm all for it. The hardware isn't that bad but the breaking crap is uncalled for. We all put up with it with the PS2 and 1. While I still have gameboys and N64s and a dreamcast that still work let along a neogeo, etc...

Here is one thing though it's never too late to redeem your self unless you have saturated the market, MS clearly has not reached all gamers yet so they do have a chance in hell.

Rare needs to be relocated to Iraq and forced to fight in this war due to their shoddy games. It's a good thing MS doesn't use xbox 360 in fighter plains control systems LOL.I bet they use em in those unmaned flyer drones though.

Oh yeah "cry from the sky" why was your PS3 walking down the stairs any way, they dont do every thing silly fanboy.

Anon19743124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

Just last September, analysts @ Caris and Co commented that Microsoft was losing money on every 360 sold at the current price points and MS Entertainment was struggling to turn a profit without slashing it's employees and marketing spending. Last time I checked, Microsoft wasn't running a charity of gamers. I wonder what they're thinking? Is it just a matter of throw these out the door and hope that they make that money back in XBL subscription fees and software revenue? They're still billions in the hole since the 360 launched (not that the PS3 is doing any better). Obviously this strategy isn't panning out for them. How the hell do they expect to ever make any money?

MazzingerZ3124d ago

Well..the link reads now:
"[Update] False alarm. It seems it’s just a new controller and Rare game bundle."


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Foxgod3125d ago

With Natal, a casual would have an HD console for 150 dollars that supports hands free motion.

Or, they could pay 400 to hold a magic glowing stick.

vader12312313125d ago

Okay, I'm getting sick of dumbasses like you... It's not mother f*cking fear or desperation! It's a business move!

Take economics. The 360 is about midway through it's life. It's reached what is called the "Maturity" stage. Sales start to decline, and in order to differentiate itself from the competition, price drops and redesigns occur.

In your idiotic mind, Apple is desperate, so they redesign nearly every year and drop prices on their products? McDonalds was desperate because of their dollar menu? Cell phone manufacturers are desperate too, because they drop their prices. So is Sony for dropping the price of their PS3.

Seriously, get off and stay off of N4G, you worthless 5-year-old POS.

vader12312313125d ago

Nice... Of course fan b!tches would thumb me down for stating widely known economic facts that have been around since the dawn of the 20th century...

HypermysticsonicHMSX3124d ago

suitable price = 50 million [lol] ;)

blackmamba7073124d ago

sorry Foxgod, had to give you disagree - you mentioned "HD" console

I think you meant 576p sub-HD

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Hotel_Moscow3125d ago

how can sony compete with that

Godmars2903125d ago

Internal BR player? Games like UC and KZ?

Halo3 MLG Pro3125d ago

LOL. The games you mention didn't even make a dent in the overall sales. Especially Killzone 2. But what did make the ps3 sale more? What did? That's right kid. It was the price drop. History shows us that price drops is what makes the REAL difference in console wars. Sorry kid, but your ps3 has lost if this rumor is true.

Tinted Eyes3125d ago

And most importantly Gran Turismo.

Foxgod3125d ago

Yeah, ps3 got some good games, but so does the 360.
Theres no point in saying you must get a ps3 for its games, theres a cheaper alternative that shows just as much graphical power, and costs only 1 third of the price.

You have to understand how the commoner looks at it.

Godmars2903125d ago

Dude, how many price drops has the 360 had in JP or even the EU for that matter?

Haven't we been through all this sh!t before? "A PS3 price drop will mean only short term gains - but its a full win 360!" That's been the cry from the 360 camp every time there has been a 360 price drop.

Foxgod3125d ago

Yeah, but MS will soon also target casuals.
At a casual price point.

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never_waste_a_bullet3125d ago

easy, with a better system and wider variety of games and which are always free to play online