PAX10 Breach Gameplay

Torrence Davis writes "Here's the amazing gameplay from the XBL/PC title, Breach. Check out the crazy physics from the Hydrogen engine."

Enjoy FPS fans!

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OOG3125d ago

Game looks like it could be a lot of fun.. hope they offer a good amount of maps... makes me excited to see 6 Days in Fallujah as well.

FangBlade3125d ago

You can clearly see that they sacrificed graphics for better physics.
Very nice XBLA game though.

OOG3125d ago

Yeah plus is a camera view so it does look a little bit better than what we see. Plus I'm sure the size of the game file for xbla will have some sort of constrictions to it. Looks to be a promising engine though... will be nice to see in a full retail game.

Blaze9293125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

wow ok, I'm interested. For only $15 I think I'm locked in for a day 1 purchase.

So he said 8 on 8 both XBLA and PC - did he mean they can play each other like Shadowrun or just that it's 8 on 8 on both platforms?

hamburgerhill3125d ago

"did he mean they can play each other like Shadowrun or just that it's 8 on 8 on both platforms?" Great question Blaze! I hope so that would be great.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3124d ago

Wow, this is the first I have heard of this game.

It looks awesome, can't wait to play it.

The Lazy One3124d ago

it's an XBLA game. that's pretty damn good looking for an XBLA game. It's passable with some AAA titles.

It really sucks that they got severely shafted with 6 days in fellujah. Good to know they're still doing good work.

darkmurder3124d ago

Be a pretty good title for PC (assuming it has dedicated servers) but I don't see it working on XBLA due to Peer 2 Peer.

The Lazy One3124d ago

1. XBL games can have dedicated servers.
2. It's 8v8. The load is not that large in the grand scheme of things.

darkmurder3124d ago

Coming from Australia I've had dedicated servers in only one game Battlefield 1943. Besides that there is nothing, sure it might be all good if you play in America but when the matchmaking puts me in with 7 American's its gonna be a lagfest.

inveni03124d ago

I would love to see physics like that in Killzone 3.

The graphics on this aren't bad, either. In fact, they look better (imo) than any other 360 FPS.

The Lazy One3124d ago

If you're playing 7 american's on an american dedicated server you're still going to lag.

Considering you're australian, you should be pro-p2p because there probably aren't a lot of dedicated servers anywhere close to you.

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Convas3125d ago

this game looks quality. I'm Definitely going to have to look into it further.

Pandamobile3125d ago

Holy crap that looks awesome

DavidMacDougall3125d ago

Better physics and MODS for the PC version should be fun.

SeanRL3125d ago

Have fun with yet another shooter.

Delt43124d ago

Thanks man i will. How's MAG? LMAO!!!

PrimordialSoupBase3125d ago

Serious lols on the spectator's reactions.

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The story is too old to be commented.