The Electronic Farmyard Review: Dragon Age Awakening

The Electronic Farmyard writes:

Return to Ostagar this is not… this is BioWares own personal Awakening!

Moving swiftly on from Return to Ostagar (which was one of the biggest disappointments to come out of the BioWare HQ in my honest opinion), Awakening is a brand new campaign with 5 new party members, new level cap, abilities, items and a storyline deserving of the Dragon Age title.

So let's quickly go over what is new; 6 new specializations for you and your party. That's 2 new for each class. Mages get up to 24 new spells including 2 new high level spell chains and a choice of 2 new specializations. If you prefer to play as a Rogue or Warrior you haven't been forgotten about, you are treated to a total of 32 new talents! Oh and don't forget the 3 new skills available; Runecrafting, Vitality and Clarity. There are 5 new characters to pick your party from in Awakening and the return of my favourite Origins character; Oghren. That's right Oghren is back to amuse you with his stories of drinking, whoring and general debauchery… but this time you get to make him a Grey Warden.

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