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Flying Squirrel Games are a young budding development team, who have blown on to the Xbox 360 scene in formidable fashion. With only one previous Indie title under their belts, they're keen to show the world just how much potential they've got.

Despite being a small team with minimal budget – the day Avatar Bumper Cars released, they were sent to the top faster than the little cars they designed. Whether they foresaw it or not, they can now boast 'Most Downloaded Indie Game' of the day.

When you think 'Xbox Live Indie Titles' you either think of B-list Arcade Titles that came up short when being approved for the Xbox Live Arcade listings – or budding development teams that have an idea and with that, trying to make a name for themselves. I am pleased to say Avatar Bumper Cars sits Flying Squirrel Games securely into the second division.

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Chaostar3127d ago

"Every time you get slammed from behind, you lose one of your life lines"

I lol'd so hard at that, immature moment hehe.