The Bender Podcast – PSP, GameCrush, 32X, and Other Tales of Woe

Binge Gamer writes: A great great episode of The Bender awaits! James is on 2 hours of sleep, Richard deals with eBay, Elissa is a God of War fangirl, and Mike has a brand new segment that will probably never return, a "Gamer Tip of the Week!".. Hear a simulation of what GameCrush will be like, feel the love for the PSP from owners (sarcasm?), and so much more, enjoy!

Show Notes | Topics

GameCrush. Awful or Awesome?


-3D Nintendo Announced; Gaming Public Goes Whaaaaa?!

-Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Make Fanboys Squeal

-Fun Fact: iPhone Games Make More Money Than PSP Games

-PlayStation Portable is Five Years Old

-SEGA 32X is Fifteen

-Xbox 360 Getting 250GB Hard Drive For $130

-Halo Reach Has Pretty Impressive, Ambitionus Multiplayer Achievement System

-The SpyHunter Movie Simply Will Not Die

-Movie Studios Ask For Mario and Zelda Movies "All The Time"

-GameStop So Full of *poop* Their Eyes Are Turning Brown

-So is Infinity Ward

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