Nintendo DSi XL "What would you like 93% bigger?"

In March 2009 Nintendo announced an impressive benchmark, that they'd shipped their 100 millionth DS. Since then, they've shipped approximately 25 million more and this has seen the DS become the best selling handheld gaming system to date and quite soon, it might surpass the PlayStation 2, making it the best selling gaming system ever. With sales so high, it's only natural that Nintendo would eventually come up with a new addition to the DS family, so it was no surprise when the DSi XL was announced October 2009. The new unit boasts a 4.2'' screen, which is 93% bigger than that of a DS Lite, but there is more scepticism than anticipation regarding how successful the new unit will be. Will the new larger DSi XL be the granddaddy DS, or will it simply be played by granddaddies, grand children, or the otherwise visually impaired?

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mephman3130d ago

Doesn't seem too bad, but I already have a DS so I don't feel the need to buy another one.

HolyOrangeCows3130d ago

The resolution doesn't change, it just makes the image bigger.
Not much incentive to buy it if you already have a DSi.

eagle213130d ago

It has been confirmed the audio is finally superior! Nintendo has lacked in that department, but everyone is saying the audio is clean and crisp in the DSi XL. I might have to take the plunge...

Sanrin3130d ago

3DS is the way to go, but the XL looks very very sweet. Was going to pick one up, but I may just wait and see what the 3DS looks like.

Selyah3130d ago

I'm still using the original I still find it fine, although lately there have been a couple of games that have been rather difficult to look at for extended periods of time, might be worth the bigger screen in that respect.

Kioran3130d ago

There was a lineup at my store this morning to buy these. Blew my mind.

4pocalyps33130d ago

*insert sexual inuendo here*

Looks pretty good. But won't be getting another since I already have a DS. Will be waiting for Ninty's next handheld.

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