Breach coming to PC 'six weeks after' XBLA version

Joystiq writes: On one of our many trips to Atomic Games' booth on the PAX East 2010 show floor, a representative of the developer told us Breach would see a release on PC in addition to Xbox Live Arcade. The multiplayer shooter will launch on XBLA this summer for $15, with the PC version expected to follow six weeks later. Breach on PC will only be available as a digital download; however, Atomic Games has not decided on a digital distribution platform yet.

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Cajun Chicken3217d ago

Will we be seeing this on PS3? It looks interesting.

Letros3217d ago

Can't imagine it being Games for Windows Fail.

Pandamobile3217d ago

Yeah this seems like it'd make a nice Steamworks title.

Darkfiber3217d ago

Another war FPS? Seriously developers, take a chance, make something new already.