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PSLS writes " Just Cause 2 is a sandbox, open world, third-person action game that plays like a cheesy action film. The emphasis is on high profile action stunts and explosions that would make Michael Bay salivate. You are armed to the hilt with a grapple hook, parachute, and tons of guns equipped to wreak havoc across the southeast Asian island of Panau. Does just cause deliver blockbuster action or fizzle in the heap of GTA wanna-be's?"

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Bigpappy3128d ago

I don't see how it could get a 5 out of 5. May be because it is not my type of game. I would still play it, but this is setting expectations too high.

Babaganoosh273128d ago

its because its on ps3 lol there just hardcore like that. fanboys....

Icyhot3128d ago

It's on the 360 as well Einstein. I don't necessarily agree with the score as well, it's a solid 8.5 in my books. The game is INSANE fun and by INSANE I mean really over the top. The Map is so huge it will even give GTA:SA+AC2 put together an inferiority complex and it takes a looooooooong time to complete the game meaning insane re playability... The graphics surprisingly are great as well for an open world game. In fact it's probably one of the better looking open world game along with AC2.

The region where it really lacks is the story and the voice acting... While the former can be classified as a B grade move, the latter makes even Haze look good (and Haze was like the bottom of the barrel in voice acting)... Other than that, the game does 1 thing right and that is bring a lot of FUN elements.. It's easy to spend 30 hours in it without getting bored which is great.

DoucheVader3128d ago

I been hearing way too many good things about this game. 400+ Square Miles of area 300+ areas to visit. Just the sheer freedom alone warrants some high marks in my book.

user94220773128d ago

Good game, not sure if it warrants a 5/5.