Call Of Duty 7 Will Feature Dedicated Servers

The debacle surrounding IWNet dropping dedicated servers was certainly one of the biggest news stories last year.

The announcement which meant players had to play on IWNet caused outrage amongst PC gamers when Infinity Ward's community manger, Robert Bowling insisted it allowed the publisher to support the PC audience better.

This is not the case with Call of Duty 7: World at War 2/Black Ops/Vietnam, or whatever the heck it's going to be called.

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TheHater3126d ago

Is it me, or is IW getting open each here

Government Cheese3126d ago

Yet the console version will still have only p2p. Yay.

evrfighter3126d ago

meh. CoD needs to be a console only game. I'm 100% sure I won't be buying another one.

memots3126d ago

I don't think so Activision.

I won't get suckered in like millions of peoples.

PotNoodle3126d ago

Call of duty is pretty much just a console game now, i've just been gifted MW2 on steam, and it still feels like a console game and doesn't fit in at all.

But, i don't think the franchise should ever be taken away from the PC, as it was that audience that brought it to where it is today, it became popular thanks to the PC and even if the quality does decline, i still think there will be fans of the series that will want to enjoy it on the PC.

sid4gamerfreak3126d ago

Yes, good move for the devs unlike infinity ward who has lost all my respect. But if this game is a revamp of the other cod games then its a no-no for me.

darkmurder3125d ago

Bleh and let me guess, you give it to the guys who care about PC but its in a boring setting. sigh ...

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Pandamobile3126d ago

Good choice, but there's so much stuff I desparately want coming out in Q4 (Portal 2, Crysis 2, MOH, etc) that I probably won't even consider picking up a COD game.

kaveti66163126d ago

Yeah, but being a PC gamer means you will be paying substantially less for your games than I will. I doubt it's a money issue. :)

Pandamobile3126d ago

But it's a time issue :)

If they revamp the Crysis 2 multiplayer so that it's better than the first, that coupled with MOH, Brink, Portal 2 will keep my multiplayer palette satisfied for a long time.

champ213126d ago

I dont think i will be picking up another COD title, unless its a complete revamp with a new engine. Sorry but i am tired of the same recycled crap.

DiffusionE3126d ago

I'm all for Treyarch making a good game. I just wish it wasn't under the supervision of Bobby Kotick and his minions. And I wish they were given the freedom to make a new IP rather than just keep churning out a new COD game every 2 years.

BTW I'm,pretty sure the decision to remove dedicated servers and port the game from consoles to PC for MW2 was made by IW themselves and not by Activision as many gamers believe. Which means IW are as much the guilty party as Activision in this whole controversy. Now, a couple of IW heads get fired and suddenly IW are the good guys again? What the hell. Getting fired doesn't excuse them from the disrespect they had shown us with MW2. If anything, I'd say "Serves em' right".

Chnswdchldrn3126d ago

is the level that my respect is now for Treyarch

continue giving IW the finger, be the better developers!

mauleriscool3126d ago

probably wasn't treyarch's call. I'm pretty sure they would love to just port iwnet peer to peer system to save a few days of work.

NEWSWATCHERS3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

They have a team just dedicated for PC, so if they include ded servers, it cant be that hard because all they have to do is port the [email protected] ded code in the next game and there done!

And if they dont have a new engine or at least use the COD3 engine I wont buy this game, COD4 engine has been use WAY too long.

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The story is too old to be commented.