New Monster Hunter Portable 3rd V-Jump scans

The latest issue of V-Jump includes another feature on Monster Hunter 3rd.

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NovusTerminus3128d ago

Looking forward to the game. I have played MH since it came out on the PS2.


PinkUni3128d ago

this game will be amazing!!!

psp is like a furry blaket of perfect videogames you can keep in your poketo

Ninji3128d ago

Otherwise they would've made Monster Hunter 3 for PS3.

Pirating this would be good compensation.

Jab-dees-nuts3128d ago

if you accomplish this im commited enough to share your fed time if it gets capcom to bring it to ps3. I was so dumb founded when M$ and Capcom big announcement was mh frontier but then again i dont care who gets it as long as they dont f-ck it up cus xbox cant fit the whole game in oone cd. I have my mhfu2 in my psp right now and i already maxed my charecter and need new monsters. with ps3 they can have add ons.

George Sears3128d ago

This is Capcoms third entry MH towards the PSP, I'm pretty sure they know what they are doing.

Corrwin3128d ago

Millions of Japanese don't mind going outside *gasp!* and meeting up with fellow players, playing in public using the ad-hoc multiplayer.

ThanatosDMC3127d ago

I just hope this is a complete version and they wont pull yet another MHP3G/MHF3G. Though i'd probably still buy both if they did... sad.