The 10 Greatest Console Multiplayer Games of all Time.

This Kid writes: "No one can dispute, that a great Multiplayer game is going to be a game that'll give you your best memories.

Since the beginning of video gaming, playing with friends and family has been somewhat fundamental in the gamers experience and enjoyment. Whether it be Pong or Donkey Kong, gamers like to play with, work with and beat their friends and family."

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Solidus187-SCMilk3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

but this is about great multiplayer titles. Im not sure if mario kart can do it but halo3 3 can have 4 player splitscreen online multiplayer with only one live profile(or more) . That makes it a great multiplayer game and I wish other games would have online splitscreen too.

My favorite multiplayer game over the years was probably counter-strike/cs source but this is about console MP games.

joshh3127d ago

completly agree, couterstike is great on pc.