Ninja Theory(Heavenly Sword) working on top secret game

Nick @ PS3Center:

Ninja Theory, the UK-based developer most commonly know for their work with PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword, is working on another 'top secret project', according to the studio co-founder Tameem Antoniades.

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DeforMAKulizer3126d ago

Dare i hope and cross my fingers on it being Heavenly Sword 2? =D
I sure do wish all that i have it is!!! Make it happen Sony!

gauntletpython3126d ago

I think I read an interview where, after doing a Sony exclusive(HS) and XBox exclusive(Kung Fu) they said it just made more financial sense for them to do multiplatform games :(

DeforMAKulizer3126d ago

But they already have the scripts written for a trilogy! HS was one of the best cinematic experiences in gaming i had on the Next-Gen platforms!
Well here goes my finger crossing again! =D

Kain813126d ago

hope this is the secret game

jwatt3126d ago

Well the word was that they were going multiplatform but I would like to see them go back to Heavenly Sword.

Parapraxis3126d ago

PLEASE let it be Heavenly Sword 2, the first game was friggen epic.

gaffyh3126d ago

I hope it's HS2, but I doubt it :(

DeforMAKulizer3126d ago

They didnt deny returning to HS in the future.. One of the heads of the studio did say "Well one thing you learn in this industry is that you never say ‘Never’. So I’m not going to say we’ll “never” go back and make HS2 " And they did say it was big budget and big production... Im becoming to hopeful :P

HighDefinition3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

Hopefully now there game is not exclusive to the PS3, people will appreicate them.

If Heavenly Sword was on the 360 too, it would have been hailed as the best game ever.....(The GOW Killer, think Bayonetta)

Sad really, HS was one of the first great games of this generation.

Cold 20003126d ago

"If Heavenly Sword was on the 360 too, it would have been hailed as the best game ever.....(The GOW Killer, think Bayonetta)"


PSM3 Magazine UK

For all its showboating, this is an average action game with few standout moments. [Nov 2007, p.74]"

Ever crossed your mind it wasnt as good as GOW or Bayonetta.

Parapraxis3126d ago

@Cold 2000,
Ever crossed your mind you're just a jealous little fangirl?.

ps360owner093126d ago

The first one is still one of my top 5 favorite ps3 titles.

erathaol3126d ago

I hope Ninja Theory does do Heavenly Sword 2 because they did such an amazing job with the first, its literally their baby now. I wouldn't want Sony Santa Monica to try and mess with the franchise Ninja Theory started but hey if Sony Santa Monica helps them create even better Cinematic scenes than more power to them.

vhero3126d ago

Heavenly Sword the game that could have been.... The game came out at the wrong time and had too many flaws but had the potential to be one of the greatest games ever made..

Reibooi3126d ago

I REALLY hope it's HS2 but at the same time if they insist on the game being Multi plat it will just make the series take a step backwards. The 360(at least not yet) hasn't come close to what HS did in terms of the facial animation and in some instances sheer size of combat(Ninja Gaiden 2 tried towards the end and had MASSIVE slow down).

Either way I am hoping at some point we see the HS trilogy finish.

Harry_Manback3126d ago

But only if they kept it exclusive.

ps360owner093126d ago

Sony owns the ip so the only place you will ever see it is on a sony platform. And a lot of ps3 titles as well as 360 titles still can't compete with what heavenly sword did when it comes to facial animation and sheer size of combat.

HighDefinition3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

For someone who doesn`t own a PS3 you got alot to say about it and games you`ve never played before. That`s the problem w/ ONLY owning a 360 right now there`s nothing to play for it (which is why you troll this site so much lately)

morganfell3126d ago

They would have to. Sony owns the IP.

Lifendz3126d ago

I hope Sony gives that IP to Sony Santa Monica. Imagine Heavenly Sword 2 on the God of War 3 engine.

WhittO3126d ago

Sony must know how many people love heavenly sword, even if the critics sadly didnt.

With a number of improvements the second has ALOT of potential, plus HS1 is still one of the best experiences on my PS3 start to finish, A++

sikbeta3126d ago

Heavenly Sword IP is Owned by Sony, Ninja Theory has nothing to do with the Game anymore, we'll probably see a sequel developed by a First or Second Party Dev but NO Ninja Theory...

jut4203126d ago

The things that got me excited the most for the future of Heavenly Sword after playing the game was watching the 5 anime episodes you unlock. The back story of the Heavenly Sword is awesome!

SKGamer3126d ago

Ok so the screenshot from the top is from Enslaved, so I thought these guys were just that out of the loop, that they were talking about some secret project when we already knew about Enslaved.

But read the link, guess not. Good to know that they weren't wrong. And that Ninja Theory is making more love.

MNicholas3126d ago

After Heavenly Sword's relative failure in the marketplace (despite being a pretty good game), they've found it difficult to find investors to fund development of a new game.

It doesn't help that some of their top programmers, including their top guy who invented the completely new (and better) kind of HDR used in the game, have left for the company.

morganfell3126d ago

You may just be wrong. Sony may just go back to Ninja Theory. After Chains of Olympus ready at Dawn said they were through with the PS3. But after a meeting with Sony they took possession of new PSP dev kits and yes I can tell you they are working on a new GOW title for the PSP.

NT is no different as they has had several recent meetings with Sony. I wouldn't count them out just yet.

morganfell3126d ago

Okay, too many beers before that last post. Ready at Dawn said they were through with the PSP. My typo. They dropped fairly strong hints at GDC they would be doing another GOW title on the PSP.

Darrius Cole3126d ago

Heavenly Sword sold about 1.4 million according to VGChartz. Granted it VGChartz but it should be close enough. I don't know how much they expected it to sell.

Ninja Theory should face the facts...the only reason anybody cares who they are is because they made Heavenly Sword. The only reason their new game got any pub is because they are the developers who made Heavenly Sword. They should stick to being exclusive developers.

Heavenly Sword 2 would guaranteed to sell 2 million copies if they make it. Enslaved would be lucky to sell half that much.

MechWarrior5793126d ago

i hate to burst everyones bubble but it is not HS 2 it is a multiplatform game called Enslaved.

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Bordel_19003126d ago

If it's not a PS3 exclusive I'm not interested.

I loved HS, so I can only hope for HS2.

Rhezin3126d ago

but it uses UEIII. mewh.

DigitalAnalog3126d ago

A new graphical and technical marvel to behold.

Only on


-End statement