Comparing Immersion In God Of War III And Uncharted 2

GamingUnion: The current generation of games has produced immersive experiences which are beginning to reach the level of literature and cinema. With the recent release of God of War III on PlayStation 3, many want to know how it compares in terms of overall immersion - graphics, animations, storytelling, etc... - to the best in gaming. Uncharted 2, known for its gorgeous visuals, fluid animations, and likable characters, serves as a good point of comparison. Granted, there are many other factors which create an immersive experience, but for the purpose of this article we'll focus on these three. While God of War III is a fantastic game and technical achievement, it comes up slightly short of matching the magic Naughty Dog created with Uncharted 2

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Icyhot3131d ago

You know a console is doing well when people argue which of it's exclusive game sets the benchmark :)

Both GOW3 and UC2 can co-exist as my best PS3 games (even MGS4).

bnaked3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Well, i'm a huge fan of both games, but i have to agree with the article. God of War 3 has very beautyful moments, but Uncharted 2 is just.. ... ... ... ... Damn, it's a pain to compare these games..

morganfell3130d ago

...because only a PS3 exclusive can stand up against a PS3 exclusive.

Redrum0593130d ago

only Gods and Titans can compete with each other. please leave the humans and beasts to themselves.

gillri3131d ago

UC2 and GOW3 are benchmarks for polished visuals and animation, they both look so amazing, and the art-styles for both are superb

IMO UC2 as an SP is slightly better, maninly due to a longer campaign, although GOW3 defines the term epic

Hellsvacancy3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Well lookin 4-ward 2 playin God Of War 3, ive got it, its sittin on the shelf still rapped, but i still need finish God Of War 2 been too busy as of late (i crashed my car last week, proper rolled it) so er been a little pre occupied

kurochi3131d ago

um...... after rolling your car, I figure you won't have a car to go out..... so pop that game in and feel better dude.....

The Wood3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

and nature


sony vs sony vs sony........some say studios arent that important...pfttt

Hellsvacancy3130d ago

ROLF, never looked at it that way, a bubble my good man


nycredude3130d ago

Have some patience. I know the wait for GT5 is almost unbearable but it a lot safer just waiting for the game.

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LexHazard793131d ago

I felt more immersed in UC2..don't get me wrong GOW3 is an awesome experience, but after playing it I felt like I've been there done that..Where UC series is still fresh in my mind..It's just perfect in the way they deliver the gameplay aspects and game cinema..It's like playing a great adventure movie..

DigitalAnalog3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Some of the real-time scenes could easily fit right into an epic action film. And this is just fighting the normal baddies like Medusa and Minotaur. The motion blur, the frame-rate and OH MY GOSH, there are times I thought I was watching a CG action-film knowing full well I'm still in control of the character. GOWIII is... wow...

I'm speechless.

-End statement

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