More Call of Duty 7 Details Revealed : Black Ops....

Call of Duty 7: Black Ops (CoD7) is the next game in the massive Call of Duty (CoD) franchise. In a recent report on Tek9, Activision shared some details about the new CoD game.

Black Ops is scheduled for release in November 2010 and sources indicate the game developed by Treyarch will be set in history, between World War II and present day. It is also hinted that some of the missions will take gamers to Cuba and South America which hints at a Cold War and Vietnam based game.

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Foxgod3125d ago

Finally some high class vietnam action.
Nothing spookier then vietnam, where the enemy is lurking everywhere, and where you can barely see anything because of the green hell you wander in, and where every step you make could be your last one.

Blaster_Master3125d ago

Awesome, this seems like a next gen timesplitters. Lets see if Treyarch can fix what IW messed up and maybe even surpass them? They could turn into what Free Radical should have been about now.

Fanb0y3125d ago

Sure, I 'hate' Call of Duty like the rest of you, but the single (co-op as well?) player portion of this game sounds interesting. Might rent it.

I enjoyed COD 5's campaign, so this is a god bet.

Dead_Cell3125d ago

What? Just because it's set indifferent timeframes? There's a little more to Timesplitters than that.
CoD will -never- hold a torch to anything Timesplitters, never in a million years.

Blaster_Master3125d ago

Dude, there were zombies in WAW, what makes you think they wont add anything else? Cmon its 2010. And plus anything should be better then what IW put out with MW2. 2 player Coop spec ops was a joke. The franchise has so much potential for so much more then it is right now.

EVILDEAD3603125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

@ Dead Cell

'CoD will -never- hold a torch to anything Timesplitters, never in a million years'

Do these people do drugs before they comment on I loved Timesplitters back in the day like the next guy..but that series doesnt even come CLOSE to ANY of the Call of Dutys from Infinity Ward.

It was cool for time but let's not get out of control..

@ Blaster Master

Dude, there were zombies in WAW, what makes you think they wont add anything else?

'Dude' did you even play WAW?..There were NO zombies in was a multi-player's still one of the funnest multi-player modes out of any FPS this generation. Which is why the WAW map packs sold like crack on the street..they are a blast..

On topic..I'm with Foxhound..the Vietnam setting would be an amazing's clear though that Treyarch didn't just want to be limited to a time period again...and it looks like they are going for the IW jugular and implementing a more current time piece..

This news alone means that this Call of Duty may be a monster at retail as well..

MerkinMax3125d ago

"And last but not least, dedicated servers will also be part of the new Call of Duty game"

This game is going to rock. I enjoyed World at War more than MW2. It captured that gritty feel of war and this game certainly will at least maintain that. Zombies will make a return so this just sounds better every day.

dangert123125d ago

You people

boycott activions ? if you say so
treyarch are rubish(i heard that alot here)
do you think the price will go down?
no? me i'ver lol

vhero3125d ago

Vietnam? Hmmm that caters to a very specific audience.. I don't think it will sell no way near as well as MW2 outside the US. Also they now coming out once a year?? that's pretty bad.. Talk about milking a franchise... Between them and Halo you got the milkmaids of the nex gen consoles..

DelbertGrady3125d ago

Scripted re-spawning vietcong! The horror!

IaMs123125d ago

yes! Vietnam finally i sure hope it is. This could be really good, im excited finally something different from WWII and Modern War something in the middle. I hope they do a good job with the plants/trees/foliage because that will make it or break this game.

Assuming it is Nam. And yes i am American and I even want this game to happen.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3125d ago

Blaster Master
WTF have you been smoking? Treyarch as good as free radical? The only worthwhile portion of the game was zombies. Treyarch are terrible devs.

SeanRL3125d ago

I'm not buying it, not after what activision has done.

ThdeGreatestOne3125d ago

Really enjoyed Call of Duty: World at War, I really enjoyed the campaign, and loved Nazi Zombies but please DON'T MAKE THE AI SPAM THE GRENADES, PLEASE!!!!!

Dead_Cell3125d ago

Timesplitters > Any CoD ever made.
A Timesplitters online with 30+ players and there would never have to be another First Person Shooter again.

sid4gamerfreak3124d ago

Lets hope this isnt the same copy and paste 4 hour gameplay with dull graphics and no dedicated servers...

Kurt Russell3124d ago

Although I haven't play Vietnam since Men of Valor, I will be swerving this game due to the fact the last one was a pile of toss

LoVeRSaMa3124d ago

When did Call of Duty 5 & 6 come out?

I Smell Fake.

Karum3124d ago

World At War would have been COD5 and MW2 was COD6 albeit both dropped the number from the end of the Call Of Duty portion of the title.

Not sure this article is carrying the official name of the game though, I'd imagine they will now just continue to drop the numbers from Call Of Duty on each sequel, Activision are constantly criticised for churning out sequel after sequel, doing nothing new and milking the life out of popular titles. Not having ever growing higher figures as part of game titles might be a bit a subliminal way of taking attention away from that.

Red Panda3124d ago

How many games do you think they will put out before they run this franchise into the ground? Well deeper into the ground.......they ran this franchise into the ground.

LoVeRSaMa3124d ago

There has been more then 6, 7 Call of Duty games altogether..

Only recently have people been calling the titles what ever they want, its COD 4:MW and COD:WAW and COD:MW2 for a reason, they are not big jumps in the series and use the same engine.

I hate it when people just number a game because its the next one out =D

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Mr_Showtime13125d ago

So true, they'll be giving you points for every 10 seconds you survive in a game now just to make you feel like your making a valid contribution and are actually good at the game.

Hellsvacancy3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Wot happened 2 Call Of Duty 5? and 6? it went COD4:MW then WAW (no numbers used) then MW2 (a sequel to COD4 not labeled COD5) and now it goes to COD7, confusin as hell man

The Vietnam and the futuristic COD sounded better

Nitrowolf23125d ago

WaW was 5 and MW2 was 6
I read that they were no longer using Numbers for The COD Franchise, but this has me a big confused
mybe it will just be called : Call of duty: Black ops

theEnemy3125d ago


what's next?


SixZeroFour3124d ago

well there IS a cod game for a 2011 release by new devs that arent trey or iw right? so i guess well find out when BO or 7 comes out

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Nitrowolf23125d ago

i might try this
Glad its not WW2

claterz3125d ago

It better not be noob friendly like Mw2, I wish they would make a realistic tactical fps, not run and gun, and espicialy not being able to lunge 20ft towards an enemy and stab them.

Necris3124d ago

Ummmm, there are tacticle shooters out.
- Nice new Ghost Recon
- Rainbow 6 series
- Frontlines
- FarCry 2
Where have you been?
So many people say they want tacticle shooters, then they get frustrated because the tacticle gameplay(not saying you fit into this category).
Yes the basic run-and-gun shooters can get monotonous, but not everyone is cut out for actual tacticle shooters.

jamesgtaiv3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

Those are hardly passable as "tactical" games. Try Arma, Arma 2, Operation flashpoint, Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising. <Those = tactical. Far cry 2? Give me a break. Thats like when people call the COD series tactical. Sorry but you cant call a game tactical and at the same time complain about campers. Real tactical games move fairly slow and its not about kills, its about completing objectives and helping your team and squad.

Edit: But, if you cant afford a good pc, flashpoint for the consoles and ghost recon should do. New ghost recon looks pretty balls though.