A history of gaming's biggest scandals

Spandas Lui writes: "We all lap up celebrity scandals , exhilarated by the unfortunate plight of the rich and famous (Ms Bingle, we're looking at you). But watching a scandal unfold in the gaming world is akin to watching puppies being slowly drowned in a barrel of acid. It's no fun at all.

You get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, knowing that each volatile headline could directly affect the games you play.

From the infamous DRIV3R-GATE to the unfortunate plight of Richard Gaywood, these are the events that rocked the gaming world..."

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Dellis3152d ago

lol at how Jade Raymond disappeared from the spotlight after
whoring herself for Ubi and catching heat because of that lol
last time I heard she got a nice promotion for her whoring.

Reibooi3152d ago

Jade didn't whore herself. Ubi did. Ubisoft as a company thought it a good idea to put her in the spotlight as much as possible to help bolster sales of the game and it back fired. They learned their lesson and now she just stays out of the spotlight and works on the games.

Bnet3433152d ago

Step back and think about how different gaming would be if Nintendo agreed to the Sony deal. Without the existence of the PlayStation, Xbox would never come to be as it was the main reason Microsoft got into the console market. They were afraid that one day the PlayStation would replace the computer (in some ways it has with all these media capabilities and even has a browser). Crazy when you really think about it and even kind of scary.

Kurylo3d3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Hey she wouldnt allow it if she wasnt into it. Which means she whored herself, and they thought it was a good idea. You cant tell me she didnt love the attention. Heck... i would love the attention .. and im a man ! lol.

I hate it when people think females are these innocent prescious non devious thinking things. They are human !!! Women are more scandelous then men! This is not the 50s. Daddys little girl is doing way more then u think! lol...

Just cause a girl is cute... does not mean shes innocent. If a company says we want to whore you out and she doesnt put a stop to it.. it means shes down with it. If she wasnt down with it shed be a millionaire for a sexual harrassment suit.

AnttiApina3152d ago

Activision sued GH and kicked IW employees? Man these guys don't respect the devs!

sikbeta3152d ago

Hit the Picture Number 4 and read: "Driv3rgate (2004)"

Danteh3152d ago

interesting article.... Driv3rgate is disgusting, one wonders if the entire review industry isn't corrupt ^^-->

Halo ODST: 9
God of War 3: 8


HypermysticsonicHMSX3152d ago

Accorrding to your theory...
Ninendo = Sony = Microsoft

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Blaze9293152d ago

rofl didnt know about a Jade comic. Hilarious. Maybe that's why she was so distant for Assassins Creed 2's development cycle.

Syaz13152d ago

she does look good, but she's in it to make games, not to whore around. what the hell was ubisoft thinking anyway? she's got dignity too.

BigPappaPump3152d ago

"I'll buy your game Jade" LOL!

HolyOrangeCows3152d ago

The picture of Hilary Clinton watching Hot

peeps3152d ago

theres quite a few mistakes with the article it seems.

it talks about the ps3 launch saying that for $500 you could get a 20gb one. there never has been a 20gb ps3, the launch ones were all 60gb.

and it says when the ps3's launched in europe and australia they didn't have any backwards compatibility which is untrue. The first ps3's released in the EU were again the 60gb ones with backwards compatibility. It was only when they introduced the 40gb ps3's did they lose the functionality

slyrunner3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Im not going to put a disagree, but sony did have a launch console of 20gig priced at 500 and 60gig priced at 600 :) And while Nintendo didnt want to put all its eggs in to one basket like sony did with the CD format on their console, at first it seemed like a wise choice, but later back fired when developers saw the potential of having more space on a CD rather than a cartridge

DARK WITNESS3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

sorry peeps but ur wrong there. the ps3 launched with a 20gig.. it just didnt last very long before they scrapped it and then came the 80gig units. if i remember right they had already stpped the 20gig by the time sony launched in the uk

NeutralGamer3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Nintendo getting screwed because of storage issues on Cartridges and better storage on discs?

I wonder who will get screwed this gen (hint: Blueray vs DVD = CD vs Cartridge)

EDIT: Oh wait Square already screwed us Xbox owners with FF13! :D
EDIT 2: Actually Square should be on that list for the photoshopped FF13 images...

peeps3152d ago

yes but that's what i'm saying. the article says the eu launch was bad because they didn't feature backwards compatibility when they did...

it was only when they introduced the 40gb systems here in the uk that it was no longer supported.

csimpson3152d ago

I live in Australia. You're wrong.

"The Australian and European model of the PlayStation 3, which is set for launch on 23 March, 2007, will use different hardware specifications from the models already released in Japan on 11 November, 2006, and in the US on 17 November, 2006. Backwards compatibility is one of the key differences."

badz1493152d ago

there was 20GB models but that's only for Japan and NA only if I'm not mistaken. most PAL regions like EU (not quite sure) and AUS (confirmed) didn't have access to the 20GB since launch and in AUS, the launch price was AUD999 for 60 GB! the PAL versions of older PS3s also have BC but not fully. the BC was emulated because the lack of either the GS or EE chip but it's there! the 1st model without the BC was the 40GB which later became the 80GB but the 80GBs which came with MGS4 bundle have emulated BC as well.

peeps3151d ago

ok lol well all i know is i bought a ps3 on launch in the uk and could play ps2 games on it

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