EA Considering Dead Space: Extraction Port for Xbox 360, PS3

PAX East 10 is taking place in Boston this weekend, and Electronic Arts and Visceral Games were in attendance with a particularly newsworthy panel for Dead Space 2 earlier today - where they revealed there may eventually be a port of the Wii spin-off Dead Space: Extraction for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
During the questions and answers segment of the panel, someone asked whether Extraction would ever be released on other platforms. According to IGN, the panel didn't answer the question directly, but did say to "keep your ears peeled" - clearly suggesting it is a possibility.

Of course, since it was a Dead Space 2 panel, there were a few new details revealed about that game, too: A brief video was shown that revealed how main character Issac Clarke's new suit allows for what sounds like very Iron Man-like flight, using thrusters in the boots and gloves (the video apparently showed Clarke flying from one train car to another that was separated by a large distance on the track).

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sinncross3127d ago

Cool, so since EA are on board for the PS Move, DS:E HD will most likely support the controller.

Def Warrant3127d ago

As long as it's a full disk released game with extra content, i might check it out. Otherwise keep it on the shovelware box.

mastiffchild3127d ago

You're wrong, imo, wanting EA to make it a full price disc release. The problems of Extraction(which is a FANTASTIC but short lightgun experience with great production values even on the Wii)were manifold:people just didn't want a rail shooter when PS360 got the full fat TP game, EA then failed to market it at all and then priced it up as dear as they could which left a lot of gamers thinking there was no value in a package they'd possibly only play, though they'd enjoy it, the once.

IMO, extra contnt or not, another full price release will flop again and I'd either go with a budget disc release just with HD on 360(possible Natal) and Move/HD on the PS3 or the same packages as a download only title on Live/PSN. Hell, they could even make it longer and episodic-who knows-but they must look into things if they want to make it a success anywhere as, being honest, the quality of the game is well beyond deserving the lack of play it got. It just doesn't represent any value and that's sad when they did a great job-it's more like a movie you play, in many ways, than even HR or IP were/are and is a big departure for the genre.

Whatever I'd hope more people pl;ay a game that's well worth a look-just not at a full price release.

mrv3213127d ago

PSN $20... that would be sweet. I'd buy it. Ship it with Move... even.

Look I bet they still have the deadspace 2 textures... input them in extraction and then two some magic with it, even run it off the dead space engine... but that'd mean too much of a change.

Just allow it to run at 720p native and high res textures and I'm sold.

archemides5183127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

but not for 20

even ratchet and clank quest for booty debuted for 15 on psn, 20 for extraction (old game, old tech) is just ridiculous

Blaster_Master3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Yeah i know which version Im getting. The one that I dont look ridiculous using of course. N E ways, if they are gonna release this then they should make it a downloadable game for $40 bucks. Cutting the middle man would reduce the risk of losing the game to used sales so it would be a good idea. Remember 1 million people bought 1943 and that wasn't even that great of a game. This would sell even more.

Actually I have an even better idea. How bout Sony and EA partner up and include Dead Space Extraction bundled with the Move. It would get over a million sales by that fact alone. I also cant wait till Squeenix comes out with a sick Dragon Quest game using the move. OMG I think my head just exploded?

mrv3213127d ago

1 MILLION bought 1943 when it was at $15... not as many would buy at $40. Plus consider the amount who'll have motion controllers at the time it will probably barely be two million.

You'd be surprised how cheap PSN is. I think it's $0.11 FOR 1 GIG. So if this game is 4 gig that's basically $0.5 which is tiny, the biggest cost is the Sony/Microsoft cut which is like 1/3. So just say to Sony or Microsoft we'll release DS: Extraction for $20 on your store so long as you wave your cut for 1 month, it'll help them look like their motion controllers have a greater line-up.

Reigen3127d ago

well im not suprised considering how much ea loves money,
hell they ewen tryed making money of game demos

Blaster_Master3127d ago

Very true, but look at all the people who bought Dead Space on both HD consoles. Im sure a great fraction of those consumers would also buy this. Still I think they should make it a launch title and bundle it.

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