Legend of Dragoon 2: The Time is Now

"Sony needs to strike while the iron is hot by releasing a sequel to one of the most polarizing RPGs on the original PlayStation, Legend of Dragoon." -Heath Hindman

Heath of RPG Land talks about the PlayStation 3 hitting its stride, and why it's in Sony's best interest to get cracking on the much-requested sequel to Legend of Dragoon.

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ThatCanadianGuy3126d ago

"This time last year, the PlayStation 3 and its lineup (or to some people, its lack of lineup) were punchlines of a good many jokes in the game world." Are you f**king SERIOUS? 2009 was one of the best years for PS3 in terms of non-stop exclusives.

Ugh..what a stupid thing to write when starting an article.I won't even read further.Anyways, LOD2 Sony, please.

sinncross3126d ago

LOD2 would be an awesome move by Sony and would really help position Sony as the JPRG console to own (its doing a good job these days after a slow start).

I think Sony should look into getting some of their JRPG franchises back into action like Arc the Lad and Legaia while attempting to get one of the Western devs into making a WRPG (would be be very interesting).

That said, LOD2: just do it Sony!

knifefight3126d ago

Well, "this time last year" being March, and talking about exclusives, there was not yet Demon's Souls, God of War Collection, inFamous, Katamari Forever, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, no Rachet/Clank Future, and none of the huge games that have been release in the first quarter of 2010 (like Heavy Rain, MAG, and GoW3).

It's no secret that a lot of people were mocking the PS3's sotware offerings, even into 2009. The article doesn't say that they were justified, it just states that as part of the climate of the time.

TOO PAWNED3126d ago

It's coming i can feel it

qface643125d ago

i don't think its happening or is gonna ever happen for that matter

if they didn't do it on the ps2 i doubt they would just do it on the ps3

CLOUD19833125d ago

Actually I dont know if you realize it, but this sites main subject is RPG's and 2009 was a dead year for PS3, so if he talk about JRPG's then hes right when he say "or to some people, its lack of lineup" after all FFXIII, Star Ocean The Last Hope INTERNATIONAL, Resonance of Fate all is 2010 release and Demons Soul didn't come yet to EU ppl must w8 until June for official release, anyway PS3 now start to do something about JRPG's but even with all these we have a 3+ year old console with 8-9 RPG's and ofc not all is good enough to buy them.

INehalemEXI3125d ago

The first took 3 years to make. So assuming they could make the sequel in same amount of time and they start now we would not see it till 2013.

Might as well be a PS4 project. Unless the development is already begun, possible but wishful thinking.

execution173125d ago

my friend would literally go nuts if this came out, pretty much all he played back in the PSOne days

GameGambits3125d ago

This time last year Sony had Killzone 2 in the first quarter and it had inFAMOUS around the corner. It had just wrapped up the holiday season of 2008 with Little Big Planet and Resistance 2 if memory serves right.

As for Legend of Dragoon 2: Do it. I've been waiting for a sequel/prequel/HDremake/ANYTHI NG after completing the first after it came out so many years ago. Its battle system is easily in my top 5 from any RPGs ever. It kept you involved and required some timing to keep long combos combos going.

erathaol3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Does Sony even have a studio thats free to work on this? From Software is working on Demon's Souls 2 more than likely and Level 5 is only working on WKC 2 (maybe Dark Cloud 3). Is there anyone else around who can make a good Legend of Dragoon 2 game? I'm not sure there really is.


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ClownBelt3126d ago

Don't think and just do it Sony. LOD2 is what many gamers wants.

Slient Knight 93125d ago

never played Legend of Dragoon, but from what i have heard about it, it's a top game.

Sony could at least release the orginal on psn if sells well then they should consider a sequel.

nefertis3125d ago

If gamers want this game so bad go too the official Sony not to long ago just added share your ideas on wat gamers want to see happen for the playstation brand it can be any idea. I've vote all the time. Playb3yond

Hakimy3125d ago

I didn't try this game since in 99/2000 I was too busy to play any game but I decided to take a look at old reviews from IGN and gamespot and what were the scores? 70/100 and 6.4/10!! now I'm not sure why some of you make this game a legend but if sony wants to make a sequel then they should improve it and make it a better sequel but I will understand if they decided to not make one ;)

FF7numbaone3125d ago

The game was great ign and gamespot got it wrong. Fun combat system. Game sold 1 million in the US.

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