This Is My Joystick Podcast: Episode 11 – Then there were two

The This Is My Joystick podcast is back for another show, and this week it features just two voices. With nobody else about, it was left for Joe to play Chewbacca to my Han Solo as we flew the ship alone. The question is though; is this episode an Empire Strikes Back style classic, or did we sell out and produce The Phantom Menace?

In this episode Joe and I do our best, whilst trying not to be too depressed about the new game room for Xbox360. We soldier on to talk about…

* The disappointment that is game room
* Funny gamertag's we've seen
* Gaming News
* New games coming out
* Plus the usual Gamer's Dic and Getting To Know You features

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Abriael3179d ago

Andy sure has the funniest accent :D