Trip Hawkins envisions future of video games

Trip Hawkins, the founder of video game giant Electronic Arts and currently CEO of Digital Chocolate, is unveiling a new Facebook gaming platform called NanoStar Social Games that he thinks will take social gaming into the next generation. Chronicle reporter Ryan Kim recently asked him about the future of video games.

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AnttiApina3220d ago

Digital Chocolate... My friend is working there

DTClown3220d ago

Founder of EA and the 3DO...he is a visionary. Glad he is in this industry. People ought tho listen to what he says over others such as, I don't know, Michale Patcher for one.

dredgewalker3220d ago

The 3D0 was such an expensive console at that time ($600) and it also died when the PS1 was launched.

ReBurn3220d ago

Well, considering 3DO was supposed to be the future of video games I'm not sure I'd really take good old Trip's advice. I remember playing the FMV games on the demo model at Sears. Yeah, that really lasted.

darthv723220d ago

Wasn't one of the visions the 3DO? Look how that turned out...

I do have to say I liked the 3do and still have the FZ-10. Probably the very best home translation of super street fighter 2 and samurai showdown this side of the arcades.

Pricing was whack though. Expensive as hell but it had some pretty interesting games. Cpt Quazar, crash n burn (would love a remake or sequel), gex, total eclipse and it gave birth to the NFS series on home consoles.

He envisions social gaming as the future...could happen as more people get into social networking. Seems like a very likely move for entertainment.