First Look: Nvidia GeForce GTX 480

PC Word: "Is the GeForce GTX 480 fashionably late, or just plain late? ATI has been tooting the DirectX 11 horn for quite some time now, while their competitors labored on a rebuttal. At long last, Nvidia's first DirectX 11 graphics card is here -- and for better or worse, it's quite a beast."

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Pen Pooh3131d ago

Are there actually any tangible advanatages to having DX11 at all? Are the improvements even noticeable?

Cernunnos3130d ago

Hardly any noticeable difference from DX10 to 11 IMO.
Dissappointed in the new 400 series, really.

steve30x3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

If you cant see the difference between DX10 and DX11 you seriously need to go and get your eyes checked. The biggest change that is very noticable is Tesselation.

If you cant see any difference in those screenshots then you need to get your eyes checked.

ProjectVulcan3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

The problem is dude that we want differences in GAMES and not technical demonstration screens and benchmarks. The games so far that use it dont offer up a lot of noticeable differences much like early DX10 games, and just like early DX10 games the performance hit is absolutely enormous. 5870 struggles in metro 2033 DX11 as it is, forget actually using it with anything less like a 5750! Going from DX10 to the full on DX11 codepath halves performance, even for something like a GTX480. Ouchy. After you have halved the performance of your uber high end video card then you dont currently have a lot to show for it in something like metro.

More time is needed for developers to get to grips with the API just like how it took some time with DX10

Chris_TC3130d ago

The games with tesselation will come, it'll just take some time before it becomes the norm. Consoles holding us back doesn't help either since almost everything is multi-platform these days.

The 480 is a beast with tesselation turned on. It even reaches the 5970's performance in some cases (Heaven 2.0 on high tesselation and the Stonegiant benchmark which is also highly tesselated).

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altimako023130d ago

that when you play online all of the high performance eyecandy is turned off, which means that in bfbc2 you only get the looks in sp and most people bought the game for mp