Software Piracy – It's not right, but how do we fix it?

Koku writes: "It's been in the media quite predominately recently. Piracy seems to be the hot topic of the month. Ubisoft implemented their DRM system that will require PC owners to constantly be in contact with their servers to play their games. Everyone seems to be up in arms about a fight that developers and publishers have been engaged in since the birth of the video game, well really since the birth of recording equipment. Are these people justified in their arguments? Well yes!"

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Ziriux3130d ago

There really is no true way to fix this unless the person is online, that's the best way to track the game being legit or not, as much as we all hate it, for publishers it's the only way to keep honesty in the sales of their product.

GamerPS3603130d ago

make good game and try not to rip gamers.

darkmurder3130d ago

Get rid of Poobisoft's DRM.

narked3130d ago

what happened to educating people?

rexus123453130d ago

actually Ubisoft already tried that. They conducted an experiment with one of their games (I forgot which). They tell gamers if piracy rate goes down on this one game without DRM, then they would stop doing it, we all know the result of this little experiment. DRM cannot be used as an excuse to pirate games.

jjohan353130d ago

Make games only for the PS3. It's the only platform whose games haven't been pirated... yet.

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Cronus31663130d ago

Yea, only way to fix it is to keep it on the network so that the server can see the code is good and that it's not pirated, anything pubs will do to prevent pirating will be contreversial to most.

GUCommander3130d ago

Basically what Ubisoft is doing with Online Services?

Ziriux3130d ago

Yea and hope your server doesn't crash and you make millions of people mad.

GamerPS3603130d ago

AC2 will be cracked as well. It's new type DRM hackers are facing but once they get around then this will be no difference than other type of DRM.

GUCommander3130d ago

I'm actually extremely surprised at the USA Piracy rating statistics. and LOL @ Vietnam ;)

cain1413130d ago

My favorite DRM was the trick used with Batman. The leaked game was broken haha

Ziriux3130d ago

Now that was funny, I remember my friend laughing in my face about having the game early, only to be broken hehehe.

champ213130d ago

Implementing such Drms is only harming the legit customer, the pirate just enjoys the game regardless. The Drm is causing a loss of sale if anything. If they are expecting Pirates to pay that wont happen.

Sooner or later all the consoles will be cracked too, so what are they gonna do then? Xbox 360's been cracked for a long time. This will only hurt sales.

ReservoirDog3163130d ago

Really truly no way to fix it.

It's just a neverending circle.

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