5 reasons to hate Final Fantasy

Gamesradar: "Few videogame franchises have as rabid a fanbase as Final Fantasy. Stretching all the way back to the series' NES debut, the intense love FF fans have shown the series has made its title increasingly oxymoronic over the years. But you know what? We're not here to love your favorite game. And as 2010's Week of Hate officially draws to a close, we offer…

5 reasons to hate Final Fantasy"

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juniordee3125d ago

So...according to gamesradar, people should hate Final Fantasy for having variety, being different from other games and keeping the old formula we all love.

mikepmcc3125d ago

They did one for Mario, one for Zelda, one for GTA, ect ect, it's the "Week of Hate". They don't actually hate the games, they're just satirical articles. If you go to the site now, just about every article should relate to hate in one form or another, don't take it too personally.

Also, lol @ Tyler's illustrations.

champ213125d ago

Japanese RPG's just dont impress anymore. Asides FF which isnt that great, any other JRPG has hardly delivered this gen.

Personally after enjoying the recent Western Rpgs such as:

The Witcher
Dragon Age
Mass effect series

JRPG seem less and less appealing.

FishCake9T43125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Agreed JRPGs are getting worse and worse. I can remember games like FF7,8,10 which all owned but they now gIve us 13. No thanks ill stick to ME2.

Abriael3125d ago

Valkyria Chronicles
Lost Odissey
Star Ocean
Tales of Vesperia
White Knight Chronicles
Yakuza 3 and 4

while the games you listed are great, There's plenty quality in this generation's JRPGs, whether the biased anti-Japanese western press admits it or not.
And in storytelling JRPGs always have a lot to teach to western games, too bad that most western developers never learn.

zatrox3125d ago

Even when I don't consider Yakuza a JRPG, The World Ends With You, Demon's Souls and Resonance of Fate would like to have a word with you.

Crazyhorse3125d ago

I gots one big reson. Its on Xbox350

thehitman3125d ago

now that I started playing it... FF13 wouldve been bad regardless. Story is horrible and even though they did some oki things w/ the battle system I dont like it so far, but hear it gets better. I think I shouldve waited for FF13 Versus but I thought i give 13 a try anyway regretting it so far.

Thoreau3125d ago

isnt an rpg. very little character development as far as stat management goes. me2 is more of a 3rd person shooter with an rpg communication system. playing hardcore with vanguard on 360

Myst-Vearn3125d ago

stupid article final fantasy is awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.