Dead Space 2: More Fun With Severed Limbs

Mike Fahey writes, "Dead Space's strategic dismemberment system was a lot of fun, but ultimately a waste of perfectly good limbs. Executive producer Steve Papoutsis tells Kotaku one way the sequel will keep the fun going even after someone loses an arm.

I caught up with Mr. Papoutsis in the lobby of the Sheraton, which connects to the convention center where PAX East is being held. While many of the details of Dead Space 2 are still hush-hush, when I asked him about the original game's strategic dismemberment system, he offered up one juicy tidbit.

Incidentally, juicy tidbit isn't a good phrase to use when talking about severed limbs.

Steve said that while the strategic dismemberment system is still in place, you'll be able to do more with the limbs once you cut them off."

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