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PSLS writes:

The PlayStation Move is the paintbrush to the PS3 canvas. The artists and developers ultimately are tasked with creating the masterpieces, not the device itself. The possibilities are limitless, the capabilities are there, it's just a matter of someone tapping into it and doing something really unique and amazing.

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Chaostar3127d ago

Aww was hoping for some new info there.

The tech demos are fantastic, anyone who hasnt seen them go hit em up on youtube, good stuff. None of the games shown at GDC really appealed to me (maybe socom) but thats what E3 is for.

Now if only Microsoft would give us... something... anything to show what Natal can do (no bullshot smoke an mirrors please).

MAiKU3127d ago

There has been alot more info on the move lately than there is natal. That's weird.

tmt3453127d ago

if the move controller has a little microphone like the wiimote does? i hate the wii but i liked that feature, nintendo might have patented it though.

DoucheVader3127d ago

The PS Eye has a very sensitive microphone.

HowarthsNJ3126d ago

"An all-new four microphone array, incorporating multidirectional voice location tracking, enhanced echo cancelling and background noise suppression allows for clear audio chat in even the most noisy of environments, without the need to hold or wear a headset.

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unrealgamer583127d ago

Thank God someone answered what material is the orb on ps move.

Thanks guys.

unrealgamer583127d ago

I wonder if socom 4 will be bundled with the ps move.

I think this is essential.

Lifewish3127d ago

great stuff, the games look fun and the Move looks like it could be a success

DoucheVader3127d ago

Looks pleasantly nutty. :)

sarshelyam3127d ago

Plays basically like Crazy Taxi meets Pain...and that's a winning combination!

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The story is too old to be commented.