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Endless_X3125d ago

The video is still processing ~

Bubble Buddy3125d ago

Game looks amazing. Though it looks more like a Bourne game rather than a stealth like the previous games, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

theunknown3125d ago

Revenge, DC, Sam's finest hour: doesn't exactly translate well when you just showcase more realistic stealth. You can, mostly, still play like like old school.

Raul_73125d ago

Can't wait to play this game, it's a good thing to have a 360 beside the PS3 to play some titles after all.

mikepmcc3124d ago

What a watered down piece of trash. Anyone who likes the Splinter Cell franchise should NOT support this game, it completely removed the stealth mechanics and made the game easy as sh*t to make it more "accessible" to the newbs. Don't buy it if you like your hardcore franchises kept that way.

lil Titan3124d ago

the graphics are sh!t so i hope the game play is top notch, on another note why dont they make a 24 game for this gen? i would love playing Jack Bauer when he's trying to get information out of a suspect. Can you say Brutal?

ReservoirDog3163124d ago

Well, I always loved the SC franchise and this looks good still. Though all the naysayers say otherwise, I still think it looks good. Might not be the extreme* stealth game from the past but it looks like it'll be fun anyways.

I want it especially for one reason, the last known position feature. That's something I always wanted in every stealth game I ever played. As soon as you trip an alarm, every enemy knows your exact position until you go somewhere they can't follow. But in this, the second you drop out of their sight, they look around there. More realistic that way I think.

And looking at my bio and avatar, everyone should know I love the stealth genre. Can't pass this up.

SlyDark Star3124d ago

God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash

C'mon no one should be asking this. Even if you don't know the name of the song the voice of Johnny Cash is so iconic and recognizable.

ReservoirDog3163124d ago

Yup, it's Johnny Cash. Everyone should give Johnny Cash a try if he's new to you.

Who knows, maybe you'll realize he's better than everything being released nowadays if you give him a try.

Perkel3124d ago

good trailer. But i hate quality of codec used to record this.

thewhoopimen3124d ago

Got to play the demo today.... Talk about underwhelming. This game just doesn't feel any more sophisticated than the previous titles. Probably less so in my opinion. When you leave an after shadow of yourself and move to a different location, the AI is so stupid it just stays there and doesn't really patrol. The cover mechanic... kind of works... but nowhere near as well as Geow1/2. And the graphics are very typical Unreal engine graphics. The intro was good, but the level showcased was.... very "normal".

pixelsword3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

the vid is in 720p, but isn't if sub-HD for the 360, or is this upscaled; and would it make a difference in terms of recording versus screenshots?

Oh my goodness, that didn't look good at all, visually. I thought it was because I looked at it in sub-hd until I saw the 720p button was selected. It's a good thing I like it for the gameplay and story. I'm still curious about which version this is, and what happened to this level of graphical quality:


I wonder if it can uphold to this earlier pic; if it does, then I'm not so ticked about it:

but I have to say that I saw jaggies in the chopper light, so I don't really know how this is going to look in a final cut. Does anyone have a better quality version other than youtube's usual lack of quality video?

second Edit:

went to a second source from youtube, it's an older vid of a demo, but the quality looks somewhat similar, so I don't know if there's any improvement, so I'm going to hold my opinion on the graphics until I find a high-quality vid of this trailer.

TROLL EATER3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

splinter cell and mgs both on 360 GREAT

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Greywulf3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

God damn I almost feel bad for bots, but since you guys don't play the PS3, its really a case of ignorance being bliss.

Just please, for your sake...

Don't try to comapre this to anything else other than games that run on the subhd box350

SC1 was awesome. Great stealth game.

You can tell its just watered down to cater to the COD morons(most 360 owners) to just be action and explosions with PANTHER noises...

SeanRL3125d ago

The graphics aren't that bad, not amazing, but not bad. Looks like a fun game.

Mr Logic3125d ago

Especially since this isn't even using the UE3, UE2.5 for God's sake. I'll still play it, but WTF was the developer thinking using such an old engine even if it is modified.

LordMarius3125d ago

LMAO, look at those PS2 graphics
A poor man's Metal Gear

nemey3124d ago

575p doesn’t cut it any more..

happy_gilmore3125d ago

make the graphics at least 1/4 as good as MGS4.

after uncharted 2, ffxiii, and gow3, the 3fixme became obsolete.

Abriael3125d ago

The graphics do look kinda dated, but hopefully the game will be fun. For sure nothing to lose sleep over, though.

theunknown3125d ago

It is rather disappointing that Splinter Cell is no longer a graphics pusher given that it looks more like a PS3 port but hey, at least I'm still addicted to the demo.

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