Red Dead Redemption multiplayer detailed in Dutch gaming mag

VG247: Looks like Magazine may has the scoop on the multiplayer mode in Red Dead Redemption, which Rockstar has promised to unveil on April 5.

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Faynob3130d ago

SUPERIOR PS3 version confirmed!!

Simon_Brezhnev3130d ago

i didnt even know it was going to have multiplayer this is good news.

EliteAssass1n3129d ago

same here. even without multiplayer, it was always a day one purchase.

ThatCanadianGuy3130d ago

Words can't even describe how hyped for this game i am.
I could literally feel a piece of soul die when it was delayed till may..

Anyways.. The free roam sounds pretty damn cool.I'm mostly interested in the SP but the MP is sounding pretty damn fun so far.

Kahvipannu3130d ago

Agree, this is my most waited game of the year. I have to watch few Leones classics again before the release :D

And mp sounds awesome, freeroaming as I hoped it would be.

jut4203130d ago

If God of War 3 and MGS Peace Walker weren't/didn't come out this year, this game would be my most anticipated game (literally my two favorite franchises in gaming). I've never played a Western game before and I've never been so hyped for a new franchise than I am for this game. I'm not even a huge Western fan to begin with, but ever since I saw the first trailer for this game it just clicked with me. I have such high hopes for this game and hope that the extra time in development only makes the game that much more polished (not so much graphics because I think they look great, but fixing bugs within the game). This game came out of nowhere for me like a month or 2 ago and ever since my anticipation grows by the day.

xabmol3130d ago

A new franchise? ó_Ò

PopEmUp3130d ago

that what happen when he said "I've never played a Western game before" a new franchise LMAO

jut4203129d ago

My bad, I misspoke, it just feels like a new franchise to me since i can't find a copy of Red Dead Revolver anywhere. I don't even remember reading reviews for Revolver when it did come out.

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BannedForNineYears3130d ago

OMG, kinda like the lobby in Modnation racers?

Akagi3130d ago

That sounds like it could be up for Demon's Souls online innovation praise if this works.

Officially pumped for this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.